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  1. Merge servers

    the game sure is a lot more fun on gludio. you can find spots and exp in peace. can even go afk in between and still live when you return (no loop macros active), because there's less murder hobos doing "bot checks", their newest excuse for pking. please, stay away for about 3 more months. then you can merge whatever.
  2. Newbie quest exp seem doesn't enough

    once per account. why was that a thing? who cares, let people "win" till the 3-part-quest is over and reality sets in. better than having people reroll on new email accounts, constantly discarding their chars after just one wrong choice. also, the 30d limit on those duals should go. imagine you're hospitalized, come back and can just not do anything on your 35er char anymore. new account or quit are the option, that surely isn't what NC wants.
  3. about adena rate

    oh yeah, the bots really are the only ones who will keep going, because you can't feel frustration if the game is a macro on loop in a window in the background. drops need to be buffed across the game, you still hit 20 and can't even afford your spellbooks until maybe 22, if you're a true newbie. that feels so wrong on so many levels.
  4. Adenas Fix Fail pls recheck

    had you asked players which they prefer, more xp or more drops, what would we have answered? unfortunately, more xp creates more demand, and less drops lead to more shopping, so it's clear where that came from. this is shortsighted though, because the economy will collapse, and you'll find out what happens next (want a preview? check giran on server gludio).
  5. Adena Problem

    in some level ranges, there are no "adena spots" at all. deleveling to stay at a lucrative spot is "a time honored tradition" in lineage 2 - if you're a bot. which these days, most people are. the problem is this: at some point, you will need adena, even if just to buy shots, so you can do green mobs instead of light blues. not a problem for the 9-man-trains trampling mobs instantly, starting in wastelands, but a) there was supposed to be a 3-client-limit (and i assume it will return), and b) only a fraction of the players lets their pc on 24/7, running a full party. personally, i'm running 2 toons, killing white mobs painfully slowly, but i don't care. i check them on:e a week while playing eso. lineage 2 has become a side project, it used to be my main game. many don't even bother anymore.
  6. Merge servers

    i am on gludio. wait till i'm 72, i fled here from the bot fest that is Macroing Island
  7. Adenas Fix Fail pls recheck

    actually, the drops suck everywhere. i don't know if this is how it was pre-patch, because i switched here from live after the patch hit, but.. did players actually live with, and were content like this? because the "fix" is barely noticeable, if there was even one.
  8. about adena rate

    playing without any shots now, very slowly.. like, sending my pet in every 30 seconds and letting it do the kill, just so i break even mana-wise, can sustain myself eternally and basically be afk 24/7. now i can leave my l2 window alone and check back after the maintenance, while playing other games. lol. that's what this game has become. little xp, i can live with, but it's not fun to not see ANY progress whatsoever. now we are forced to use the automation tools.
  9. Unlimited boxes

    The client limit not working is noted as "known issue", and while you're supposed to be in attendance, they're not policing the server, you do so at your own risk. All this info is here on the forums.