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  1. Gia so filo. Ego eimai apo alvania, mporo na mpo se auto to elliniki clan ? Eimai palio paikti kai meno sto ellada polla kronia
  2. I love it how you guys cry about the expensive l2store, yet you invest that huge amount of money and in the end you get owned by ncsoft
  3. Just take the risk and decide alone. You will not receive any answer from the GMs
  4. Wanna compare the average wage an NA citizen gets per year vs the average EU wage per year ? Because some people in EU receive the double money that someone else in NA, doesnt mean everyone in EU gets the same money. Unfortunaely this the the minority. Just have a look at the wages in Greece, Italy, Spain, Albania, Boulgaria and i can keep saying at least 10 more countries
  5. I dont disagree that the prices are too high. Ofc they are, thats why i dont buy any ncoins on those prices. But no1 force you or me or someone else to buy them. Its a private company and they sell goods for the price they want. The negative thing is that there a people that keep buying ncoins in large amounts.
  6. I will disagree just on the l2store prices. They are based on NA wages, thats why they are so high. Also thats why EU and RU l2 store prices are cheaper.
  7. You are free to check what EU and RU servers got, them compare it to NA servers. Even the free pack they gonna give us, have less items than the last one.
  8. Do you know whats the worst thing after all ? That they dont even care to answer us, to give us a reason why they will not add the exp boost. Yet there are people that still buy ncoins and support them
  9. They dont even bother to test it 1st and then inform us which skills exactly will not work. Professionalism at its finest.
  10. Come on guys. All other territories got 100% exp boost. Why we have to be the only that we will not get this (dont tell me about the crap cat buff) @Neutron @Conguero @Hime, can you give us a serious reason, why we have to continue play here instead of other servers ? Each days you guys are going from worse to worst
  11. So if we read the 3rd paragraph, the conclusion is that razer keyboards/nostromos are legal, cause they cant detect anything inside the game
  12. Didnt surprise me they failed that hard. I can expect anything by them
  13. Can i ask where they said that ? I remember that they said, keyboards/mouses are illegal if somehow they are able to detect lets say the % of CP of the players and then start using pots.But if u have a keyboard macro to spam pots its ok, no problem. @Neutron, @Conguero, can we have a clear answer on this please ? Most of the L2 players are using razer keyboards right now, so plz gives us a clear answer on this. Ty
  14. Lol what are you talking about ? You dont even need 1 billion adenas to go full luc
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