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  1. no sense login when .. start the game and you find 107 ppl on queue and you decide "ok is saturday afternoon it's normal there is queue" i attend and queue decrease until to 98 ppl on queue so you can think " a fantastic maybe is fast queue!!" at 95 ppl client crash and you see "client will be close " ok restart the game and the queue is with 112.. ok thanx ncsoft i decide that i will delete this game .. becouse play so is useless,., and the capacity of server is a your problem and ncsoft give to me a service that work good ... so move your ass thx
  2. it's useless playing .. dc crash queue 400 ppl crash client during queue .. so restart queue 400 ppl again .. this damned mentee system is horrible .,. and this great event with anniversary chest is the most worst event for lagging and queue.. thx ncsoft thx a lot for improve our experience of play all days..
  3. https://imgur.com/KldUxsF the problem is the latency and that server is an american server i have 150 - 190 of latency but i have dc but in that image i have 0% of packet lost but is not true becouse if you do a ping -t on that ip you can see packets lost are a lot.. cheers
  4. disconnect every minute

  5. disconnect every minute

    unfortunately also for me the disconnections are high especially when the queue begins but also at 11 am gmt + 1 at 8 pm gmt + 1 at 11 pm gmt + 1 ... apparently the new changes made have not solved anything .. anyway playing like this is impossible so i closed my prestige packs .. if it continues i will close my accounts for another game good day developers
  6. Disconnect... Disconnect......Disconnect....

    me too... tons dc ....with 1 or 3 clients the results are the same..
  7. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    lag is less than before.. but i have a lot of dc with 1 client or 3 clients the results are the same tons of dc...
  8. Ninja Adena Nerf

    i have done some test and with prestige pack: -500% drop adena -200% drop rate adena -400% spoil rate so pretige pack is useless but i if you don't use prestige pack is impossible to play in these conditions