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  1. Is impossible i think they don't know how they can do...
  2. we don't need restar or other useless event or boxes i want compensation in real money.. becouse with new policy L2 become an hazard game so if you become an hazard game and you loose my money for latency time or other i want compensation in real money.. becpuse i pay prestige pack in real money not in adena or other piece of paper..
  3. ok now now.. it's all a joke or someone kidding us.. restart server gmt+1 at 1 am for fix what?? publish events without info ( yeah becouse ncsoft decide remove trade +3 artifact from npc) change policy unilateral ... ok but.. ncsoft know what does transparency means?? or ncsoft think we must MUST open our portfolio only for loose our money for nothing... ok they changed server.. ok but NOTHING WORK .. so i don't know what they change.. Only one they changed is mode of event .. ONLY SCAMMER EVENT without info without explanations... this is not correct
  4. bha ip proxy is the minor malus.... why should i pay prestige pack if the server work by carbon? why should i pay for partecipate at event scammer like new version ORIANNA and tarot card? in the end why should i play in this good server with melee lag skill lag terrain bug in toi2 skill aoe bug and other? why noone answer to our complains? all in easter holiday? C'mon gm/support answer me pls i hope gm and support for easter they aren't in holiday becouse after maintenance this server is embarassing.
  5. congratulation for the new era of events... i never seen type of event like this.. no info in the forum, pvp zone bugged, ppl killed ppl behind wall of casting room. but it was funny becouse i saw a server in decadence. thx all.. and cheers ..
  6. yep but the biggest problems are reduce adena drops before than control and resolve gameplay problem it's a good strategy
  7. ooo wow like as usual.. but where is the fix for etina solo istance? i open ticket and your service support answer me "I DON'T KNOW WHERE IS THE FIX WE ARE THINKING ABOUT IT".. fantastic.. btw.. if the adena drops wil be reduce WHY WHY DID YOU CREATE IOS lvl 112?.. this is the beging for reduce also TOI adena drop? becouse if is this the point why i need encrease my equipe? cheers
  8. no sense login when .. start the game and you find 107 ppl on queue and you decide "ok is saturday afternoon it's normal there is queue" i attend and queue decrease until to 98 ppl on queue so you can think " a fantastic maybe is fast queue!!" at 95 ppl client crash and you see "client will be close " ok restart the game and the queue is with 112.. ok thanx ncsoft i decide that i will delete this game .. becouse play so is useless,., and the capacity of server is a your problem and ncsoft give to me a service that work good ... so move your ass thx
  9. it's useless playing .. dc crash queue 400 ppl crash client during queue .. so restart queue 400 ppl again .. this damned mentee system is horrible .,. and this great event with anniversary chest is the most worst event for lagging and queue.. thx ncsoft thx a lot for improve our experience of play all days..
  10. https://imgur.com/KldUxsF the problem is the latency and that server is an american server i have 150 - 190 of latency but i have dc but in that image i have 0% of packet lost but is not true becouse if you do a ping -t on that ip you can see packets lost are a lot.. cheers
  11. unfortunately also for me the disconnections are high especially when the queue begins but also at 11 am gmt + 1 at 8 pm gmt + 1 at 11 pm gmt + 1 ... apparently the new changes made have not solved anything .. anyway playing like this is impossible so i closed my prestige packs .. if it continues i will close my accounts for another game good day developers
  12. me too... tons dc ....with 1 or 3 clients the results are the same..
  13. lag is less than before.. but i have a lot of dc with 1 client or 3 clients the results are the same tons of dc...
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