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  1. About DW fragment

    Well, I'm fashion player, so I bought an Antharas frag just because I thinks it's cool. Well, I came to ask if I can put SA on it and, if yes, is just the special or anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. Random Disconnect

    I'm from Brazil and two days ago I had this problem (yesterday a friend had too). Maybe that is a new feature to solve server lags issues?
  3. how can i get a pet

    Through teleport. Is Town of Rune, the NPC name is Pet Manager, something like that.
  4. how can i get a pet

    If i'm not wrong, in Rune have an NPC that u can get pets.
  5. returned player

    @Mystikal Thanks for replay. Yeah, that exauted quest is such a pain. I'm making this quest on my main and two box, in 19h and 22min I just have complete 2256 (box), 2374 (main) and 1823 (box), but I'm hopefully with the update, I read that all members of the party will get the quest item, so I think will be complete much more faster, and will have another place to low gear players do the first exalted quest: War-Torn Plains: Sigel, Tyrr, Othell, Iss, Aeore, and Ertheia classes and Blazing Swamp: Feoh, Yul, and Wynn classes Thank you all guys.
  6. returned player

    I back to the game after 3 years, and I saw that the leveling have chaged and we get r-grade (the green one) through the leveling, but my characters are too old, can I get it by any chance?