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  1. and 24kk???? I dont want to buy with mastercard!!! i just wanna FARM !!!!! BUT ADENA DIDNT DROP LOL!
  2. Let's focus on that, now we can upgrade our runes... but I wanna know where is the adena drop for lv 70+, Just make me a simple math!!! how many mobs I need to kill for get 24,900,000 Adena. If I continue at my current spot it will be INFINITE!! Because that s*** didnt drop any adena LOL!
  3. if all of 2000+ player just comment here.. i think they changes his mind!
  5. now its 1.5x should be 2.5x but NCSOFT also do ************* again.
  6. dude not 0 xp, when you apply BONUS 0%! you have rates at 1x, if you apply 50% you have rates at 1.5x if you apply 150% bonus you have 2.5x... if you apply 500% you have rates 6x!!!!!!!!!!
  7. boost rune 50% with current math of the NCSOFT you got 0.5x ??? LOL if 150% boost is 1.5x...
  8. 100% is 2x, LOL you cant do math like that!!! NORMAL XP IS 0% BOOSTED LOL!!! if you boost 150% you have 2.5x!!!!
  9. 150% XP doesnt apply correctly.... and WHY DIDNT YOU GIVE US AT LEAST!!!!!!! XP SCROLL ????? THA CAKE EVENT IS 100000000000 BETTER
  10. ya, at least that summon... summons have pet ss summon skill --'
  11. Good job @Antishock I think we share all of points above.. and I really wanna know a answer for this... @Juji Please give us feedback
  12. i think none of us will buy shots from ncstore... I prefer to pay a subscription due to pay for shots..
  13. 100% agree, i think at adena rate and spoil rate.. the game will die
  14. if you get more than 11 lvl diff i think nothing is dropping
  15. yaa i changed too 10 player with macro farming lv 20+ ... that is all of us is doing... alot of low level.. that is s***man!!
  16. @Juji Can you explain how do we can survive?? I think none of us will buy SS from L2 Store... i think its too much!! its a consumable!!!! At Least break even when farming!!!
  17. @Juji Please just let us know the plan for that changes
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