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  1. SOLVED ! Cant drag and move skills from action bars too.... just locked and unlocked back the bars (or viceversa)... now i can drag and move stuff. From time to time i have to repeat this thing
  2. this feature is working right in a second computer i am using here, but not in my own pc Anything related to OS ? my pc is still win7
  3. And you will support it with a regular amount of money maybe
  4. I stopped playing

    Now i will develop the character, finally ! Too much real life issues... maybe this time i will see Antharas
  5. Press the right bottom of the macro icon to display the macro window and drag a macro for Auto Use to assign it. I tried to assign a macro to the sword icon slot, but does not work, it is not assigned. Yes, my dark elf fighter attack, since it uses /attack by default, but i want to use the macro
  6. Since i am kinda new to classic, i still dont know the raid boss mechanics (playing Talking Island) 1. Being in CC (command channel) is the way to guarantee xp ? Or someone outside will get xp anyway ? 2. The loot is guaranteed for the leading party ? What if an invited party to the CC makes the biggest damage ? 3. I dont see much low level parties for low level bosses. Are them really hard ? Would appreciate if anyone wants to develop a detailed explanation. Thank you
  7. Greetings to everyone Recently started giving a chance to this classic version. After few levels in Talking Island server, and seeing the botting level, i decided to go to Gludio. The soloing experience was better, but the party window and general have a lack of activitie, very noticeable. So i decided to give Talking Island a new chance. What i noticed is that in Gludio, i farmed lots of Oriana Coins, fast. But in Talking Island is soooo slow to get a few of them. I am missing something ? The difference is huge !!