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  1. Accessory Enchant Rate

    You need to pay more money.
  2. Ruins of Agony - Giran Server

    You get 0 useful answers to absolutely any dire problems in forums, the communication here is non-existant and you expect them to "pretend" to care by banning bots in the game, when they dont even bother to log on the forums?
  3. What in the kamael update made it possible? Do enlighten us.
  4. FIX PK teleport

    I used to get pissed at mixa for nonsensical replies. After 3 months of classic, I have come to understand him.
  5. More respect for the players

    So instead of taking it up with NCsoft for ruining everything you complain about players complaining?
  6. Theoretically? Yes its possible. Practically? Not really.
  7. Merge servers Giran

    No, they just want you to give them all your hard earned money. Why are you not doing so? After all the great things they have added to this game, you still resist?
  8. Gludio Server

    I am afraid that transfering will only extend your suffering for a little while longer. Giran is on a free fall as well. Do yourself and your life a favor, quit now.
  9. Character transfer

    How much are you willing to pay?

    Dont respond to a forum bot.
  11. Preach, I was 1 of the 9 daggers that just gave up.
  12. FIX PK teleport

    Its already been ruined beyond any redemption. Hoping any kind of fix for any of the glaring problems in this game is pointless. You would be trying to extinguish a forest fire with a glass of water, nothing left to do but watch it burn to the ground.
  13. We Want The Old Olympiad Game Back

    Guys, just give up. This server is beyond saving. Either give up or pay up.
  14. If you press skill button more than once it will "queue" up the nxt cast for you. That is true for any action. Whatever you do after you have pressed Skill/spell and its still in casting animation, will queue up next.