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  1. they actualy can... TPA clan and alliance did few days ago?
  2. still i have to alter my game-client so i could move properly shoulnt it be better just to make shoping zones? would be lil more organized and more convienent
  3. Hello the thing that i noticed while playng in l2 Giran server that shop are complet uter madnes.... shop every where u can find a spot to sit on only one play left is on another players head so thei could stack a ladder of shops in front of Gk su cant even target her or see her i know this aint illegal server not some kind of Java scramble of a server but even there is a shop etiquit and zones it cant be that im only one who is frustrated to movie in giran or aden when u click on ground u click on sambody faces again again and again finaly u have to click on the sky or wall to move
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