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  1. Since I prefer spend my needle money on Black Friday's time on other sites, i will say nothing about one more epic fail of NCSoft, but anyway - GZ! @Hime BUT IN NAME OF WHAT GODS WE HAVE THIS COLOUR SCHEME FOR FORUM? MY EYES ARE BLEEDING FROM FIRST PAGE, AND HERE WE HAVE 3 SO FAR! May we have or previous look of forum or additional option in account settings - im more than sure that on this nice ready_for_use forum's platform could exists more than 1 colour scheme
  2. I should admit that no DCs yet in last 24h (but due to family happiness i was forced to give away my big PC, so im constantrly re-log chars for current sweet event - so part of observationing time is spoiled ) , but impossible lags is back - during last 24h i have restarted each window at least 2 times (AGAIN - even with regular full relog of each window) .
  3. @Juji - Stone of Destiny to L2Store - Merge of Naia \ Chronos - Red Libra after Xmass Each event what you run is more devastating than previous, problems just collecting but not solving. Let us have fun at the end - make us busy with learning how to play on new for us classes.
  4. To disconnects also added new options - i cannt log on overcrowded Live servers (but can log on Classic, so dont start dream about my ban, aha). And that situation with me last 6 hours so far. Some research showed that problem with logging around us last 2 days, but usualy solvs in 4-5-10 re-tries. May we have some mass DCs? that should fix problem with bad planning of events - run event what induct mass chars logging on weak servers, which lagging even on usual time. This is epic win.
  5. @Juji / @Hime During this event I have online 9 chars ( 2 notebooks + 1 PC) and I expirence constantly diconects on one of that 9 chars (randomly) last 14 hours since server up after main maintenance. That is laggless disconnect, in the middle of trade action, that make me not a bit upset, but really frustrated. Same i see all time on my friend list (and hear in TS as swearing ) - randomly disconnects without depend on part of world. Problem with melee attacks with us, archers as main exp power nerfed - so no even reason to full swap from tyrr to yull. So what exa
  6. @Juji, @Hime , since again without attention melee lags, and no any info about way to fix it - we should demand Stone of Destiny in L2store, since no chance to get if for free as compencation for 2 years of humaliation of 60% of classes (but you give away end-game-items with restoration policy, really like secret-Santas , so what the problem to make common people also satisfied) . Let last players have fun before servers going be abadoned at all. Same about 1 more unshedulered Red Libra to to fix gear for new classes, that should be minor reanimation actions for game for 6 more
  7. Ofc you can , just dont be shy - show all accoutant book of your clan! Your clannies should not be confuced of such move. If you could share one page - what the problem on next one? From where else we should get lore about right way of clan sharing? And managment of castle income. I think that is very good clan leader's behave - being open for all around, dont keep all inside. Be example for other CLs ! We also wait for account book of Hybrid clan, why not ? Maybe we will be able to provide some help or find mistakes in calculation, that is so offten exists in account books.
  8. Dear @Kaily , can we get full access to that priceless celestial source of knowlege? We need to fill our CV with new skills, so we will be very appreciate to see other pages of this document, i think it containces amazing formulas, which bring us to new gorizonts of mastery of Excel. As link of course , because other way we won't be able to touch inestimable deepness of lore other way we will have deep problem in calculation of price of R gems in that 3 different castles
  9. "imaginary enemies - next stage of schizophrenia after imaginary friends" (c) https://l2wiki.com/Castle_Sieges#Choosing_between_Light_and_Darkness https://l2wiki.com/Taxes Still all info exists in Internet, even on same site (all can find other new knowledge here also, but depend). Since Fafurion update (Feb 2019) we have obligate 5% tax for Light Castle. Since same Fafurion update we have all based on Elcyum / R gems. And amount R gems, what we use in craft this days is a bit amazing. PS: about moneyback of R gems you should ask ozzy\dudot,
  10. i see new dimentional of server abuse here let's IDKFA begin! PS: just don't kill each other here to recount who created that part of money back, please . Maybe make some schedule - for each CP separated week of moneyback, or something like that.
  11. @Juji @Hime And here we come - we see here highly corruption scheme, when your Company still lose money and after try to act like opossum on constantly troubles of servers, because no resourses to resolve it. You would have resorses to invest in HW \ APP \ staff \ whatever-you-want to bring game up again if you will stop charity with giving away end-game items. We have enough legit ways in game to enchant items, expencives ways , but that how it should work. Stop being Santas - close restoration policy for overenchant items, let it works just for urgency cases and without
  12. Last week after similar rollbacks to already familiar melee lags (but im sure that they became more impressive ) we got also lags. Let me wonder , what we will have this time . PS: can we be sure , that no one mains bitcoins on our servers? just curiosity , because era of torrents gone so far now
  13. @Juji , may we ask for favor - turn off queue for siege time for all servers. We can bear humiliating queue on exp-event time, but on siege time better have lags, but be online. Have last consience and respect to players, please.
  14. that is new strategy - make all worse than before , so making undo will make all calm and happy. and ofc nobody will ask do it again in nearest time. that is like teens vs household work.
  15. That moment , when you think that nothing can be worse, NCSoft Team gather all their force and do one more effort. If you insist, that servers have reached capacity - maybe time to open 1 more server?
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