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  1. Hero Of Naia 1-2 day after

    that looks like summer home-work " make your box clan 11lvl" - so all DH dispersed to their box clans and work harder and harder . I really have hope about that idea, other way it's pity way to roll
  2. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    CP boborc looks like raid's minions - they spawn time by time on raid's time and dissappear with last raid ( strange, that maybe relate on fact what MAX remakes parties to pvp mode ) all other DH looks like undeads - once per 2 weeks master's call brings them from graves for siege (most of them just for last 15min of siege for we_try_cast_once ) choose your way
  3. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    thanks about attention! that is very good comparison - photo from my box of your untagged and dead toon and your video of brave gank bunch of wynns . Sorry that didn't have time to make it from main - main was busy on farm other part of YAKUDZA\JAKUDZA\whatever_clan_you_join. But whatever. Propaganda that isn't posting shameful photos of enemies, propaganda that is " MAX FARMS ALL DRAFGONS SINCE UPDATE" . But that is too complicated for you to comprehend so we don't go farther. PS: if you are ready to make gank against busy ppl - you are welcome. we start from SOS. but not sure that your daddy will be happy about CRP so come untagged already PPS: anyway your coming don't make difference of our action - we still farm you and raids. no difference
  4. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    Also all new DH member - learn how to you will behave all the way. Untagged and dead. https://imgur.com/a/SeSx6vs
  5. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    Sorry, new ppl will be invited straight to box clans (especially that new one, what exequtor is buying now) or for 1 day joined main clan, to make screenshot for fun/memory? that is important. Ppl should know what kind of box clan they will join, since "DH" comes on sieges still being in different box clans , not even all time as ally That is smart move - ask ppl from Chronos to come and fight on your side, while you avoid it and hide I hope that works.
  6. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    omg, so smart move! i would never guess other way. really smart - all to protect CRP. but will they come on siege as DH or with same crests like now - to save CRP ? that should be also very smart move.
  7. Hero this month in naia hahahahahahahahaha

    did we miss info about any exp event around server? or why such epidemia of detagging?
  8. Molensa try Dragon Weapon in pvp without Pom and Sonata

    fail on shilien ... [mission completed] fail on freya ... [mission completed] fail on chronos ... [mission completed] fail on naia ... [level loading]
  9. Last Dimensional Siege 2018

    let me tell that from other position - DH lost Aden just in 7 min to few PTs from MAX. And after hide in trone room till evil MAX gone back to preparing to New Year's parties. that is all ok - at least DH has any knees to sit there and cries about poor gear of their members and wicked world around them. that was very noble behave from MS - to help weak and defenseless
  10. oh, poor DH - They Lie with equal frequency as they breathe Thanks a lot about assigning me as inventor of that spot, but first here were DH's chars, which were immune to pulling - i just proposed to stay near them, maybe some magic of that spot will come to us too . MAX is lazy clan, we never invent any "wheels" , we just use wellknown things around us or look what do ppl from other clans. Just lazy copycats.
  11. Cc rights

    btw yes, about bugs - still wait to answer about how DH enters in lilith\anakim. i really want to know with what legit game dynamic they do it - when portal just is starting to spawn up, but whole DH's CC already ported in. magic! and other similar things.

    better tell us how your CC ports inside lilith\anakim, when portal not even full shows up yet (something near 30% of portal, or so). it's still very curious. because that thing far from any native game dynamic rules, right?
  13. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Still have question about rewards - is 25\40\60 coins are just randomly reward, or all depend on time of killing mobs? because all strong DDs around have got 60*2 , less strong 40\60*2 and that few supports, which survived - 25\40*2 coins. Again supports are scapegoals
  14. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Just roll back it till next month and put it back on testing PS: and try to make in 29 days in row on any support class.
  15. [News] Golden Compass Event

    I insist on putting that coins on L2Store and stop all histeric (at least my own) about this event. We so long time had just P2W events, so L2Team just forgot how to make normal F2W events. We again have disbalance, when our already OP DDs are able manage to have more powerful offensive items, than defensive items, what able get supports. And as proud full support (Iss105\Tank107) i dont see any kind of fair game on this event - spend 2h for 50 coins that is clear abuse compare with 30 min and 120 coins for DDs