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  1. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    Im really deeply convinced that we will have as option destroying of exalted gear \ event untradable items . Im sure that your QA team not even try to check this moment.
  2. Upcoming PK System Changes - Discussion

    @Juji Everything what was made last 2 years and each new fix of that - was failed. Completely failed. And sometimes even epic failed. I dont have any good example of fix of any part of game. So now we have Feast Of Drop as incoming event. Really - not sure 141% - no need even think of realise it. If you not test how it works over 6 month in row in every possible way - no even think about realise. From last wave of dropping items this game lost near 15% of players.
  3. boring sieges

    #increase_drama_option_on Rune also is belonged to MAX.
  4. MAX vs DH

    again want to send all own greetings to DH about good deal about crossbow. We have faith that all members of DH will get their fair part of crossbow's share and use it for imporove their gear. also we still wonder of trading skills of DH's leaders - sell item but still keep it and use it. that is magic.
  5. MAX vs DH

    we still highly appriciate that at least chocolate starfsh have taken participation in siege. very fond about that. also we can understand, that VV cannt provide all clan with full set of god's accessories, but that isnt reason to avoid siege at all.
  6. MAX vs DH

    we can forever watch how water is flowing, fire is burning, DH's members are dropping clan after war has started again.
  7. teleports to pvp-zones

    @Juji Hi! Since we all around have a lot questions how exactly works My Teleports \ belief of exalted for pvp-zones, can you provide us such info? It still isnt obvious to the end - is possibility of jumping with full skills \ relog with full skills after jump in middle of pvp zones - bug , what is deeply using nowdays, or is some feature of game? That makes some confusions around. I If that is feature, so maybe time to make all pvp-zones free to port? Like Fafurion\Valakas\etc (even Kelbim, why not?) or what the difference between all that kinds of zones? If porting inside pvp zones is bug - may we ask about fixing it? If feature - where else we can save my teleports also in such not-common zones? PS: We cannt now teleport between towns on siege time, but have teleports inside certain pvp-zones, like Orfen Nest or Cursed Weapon's Treasure Chests. Why not straight to casting room?
  8. MAX vs DH

    sincere congratulations to DH, who kept war open all 17 hours. that is huge achivement. we are full of hope , that next time war will be continued a bit longer - but again till maintenance
  9. MAX vs DH

    + we also respect decision of DH came for pvp after long summers vacation, during which they avoided any contacts and even dropped war. that is full of courage step from their side.
  10. Tale about DreamySomething and Damage

    pt vs alone ppl, DD + support vs alone iss. that is really power. that is thue power that is really reason of proud from your side.
  11. MAX vs DH

    mighty DH vs losers from MAX - 1 : 3 (let say "thank you" to exeq and overdps , who were able to logged off \ ported with full skills to Orfen. they really saved this funny score ) . PS: we fully agree that that undergeared naabs VV and OverDPS arent DDs at all. yes, they do not deserve being called DD at all, kick them from clan! PPS: ah yes, all EU's night DH farmed field bosses for some compensation for lost akamanah+bosses. i have hope that they got equal reward and will have good sleep at EU's working day.
  12. Tale about DreamySomething and Damage

    soooo.... once upon a time in Blazing Swamp (omg, i still wonder what he was looking here) little DreamySomething was roaming over Blazing Swamp and looking for sourse of power, since he doesnt have own, But little DreamyNothing found big scary monster (i have checked in mirror, that is really scary) and woked up it. That is sad tale - monster seems got win.
  13. vacation time

    https://imgur.com/a/nZF8o5K we still have faith that at September parents will not forget to take back from summer camps DH's members and they join main clan. Exped, geared, relaxed and with good sun-tan
  14. Hero Of Naia 1-2 day after

    that looks like summer home-work " make your box clan 11lvl" - so all DH dispersed to their box clans and work harder and harder . I really have hope about that idea, other way it's pity way to roll
  15. DH Recruit CPs/Solo Pvp Players

    CP boborc looks like raid's minions - they spawn time by time on raid's time and dissappear with last raid ( strange, that maybe relate on fact what MAX remakes parties to pvp mode ) all other DH looks like undeads - once per 2 weeks master's call brings them from graves for siege (most of them just for last 15min of siege for we_try_cast_once ) choose your way