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  1. So when NC soft HQ announced to media Kamael patch was a go, and SS change, was set for launch on 24th July 2019 for "all" global classic servers. And they all got a surprise and got it early. Except NCWest classic servers? What's the deal? @Hime
  2. Pleas add this to classic as well, esp for low pop servers. Weapon and gemstones to change type would be a godsend. Shouldn't be just on live. @Hime Weapon Exchange If you’re looking to trade your weapon for another type look no further than Elder Black. His services come with fees and restrictions, so be prepared before paying him a visit
  3. Right aden had lowest population prior to removal of census tracking a month or two ago. Then you have to do the math as well server 600--700 divided by boxs and RMT, and you have approximately 200 live players maximum Can count the live clans on one hand. On aden server on a peek good day or cake event lol. And the servers couldn't handle that ><. I hope the extreme low pops get a better bonus so our mains, boxs and rerolls can catch up to larger servers prior to mergers. Like add a recipie vendor like in live since spoilers got ruined in classic version, barley spoil, so income
  4. Well we got half the boss down an an extreme low pop server before GM's ruined the fun
  5. Ug, pleas give back cake boss was trying to catch up to friends and RedClans run our Aden server slaughtering lowbies and instaporting out. The latency is only in Elven villiage durring times of the boss just like all bosses when CC's show up. And this takes our chance away for a decent weapon. and lvling the playing field. @Juji
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