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  1. The suggestion that I have come to propose is the following: Change the maximum penalty level in the RBs, because that would result in players being able to kill the Rbs suggested on the map, because if they noticed, there are no live RBs. There are players who approve to be able to hit the RBs with a very high level. Example: a 101 tyrr titan bloody gear can kill only a RBs of level 93+ with a team in a few minutes. I got to see how players who need to level up take a little time to find a good party to kill the RBs while the example tyrr arrives and kills the RB; leaving the players discouraged. The solution: change from 9 to 4 or 5 the max level to hit the RB (only to the RBS hunting, because in instances it is good for the players). Players asylums can level up by killing RBs as well and on the other hand the drop rate at 3 levels of the RB as it always was. With the last mentioned, I conclude the suggestion, but consider it. Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my suggestion. PD: Sorry if the English translation was not good.