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  1. So is botting legal now?

    Where I can check numbers?
  2. UPDATE ?

    Fix spoil rates would be good too.
  3. Drop and Spoil

    Spoil rates are broken. I'm at Enchanted Valley now. Mobs should drop by spoil Thons at 50% chance, but in fact its less then 5% chance. Also, some mobs x4 Hp should drop 5+ basic mats at once, but they drop only 1.
  4. We need Drop / Spoil Database !

    Spoil rates are really broken at our servers. At Enchanted Valley most of mobs spoil drop Thons. It says on EU wiki 50% chance. For us it's LESS then 5% drop rate. Sometimes I spoil 20-25mobs and get 0 thons. Just to remember, they are x3 HP mobs. At Fields Of Massacre mobs should drop by Spoil Iron ore, Steel and Mold Glue. They drop only Iron Ore. Its hard do believe that I'd have this kind of problem at Official Servers.