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  1. I've been thinking about this for a while. This might make a lot of people angry but I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I think lag on NCWest Lineage 2 exists because of their lax policy against hardware macros. I don't use them but I've seen plenty of videos of them being used and they're literally spamming hundreds if not thousands of commands per minute. One person might not be a problem but what if 7/8ths of the server uses these hardware macros? Would it not cause an overload of requests.. ultimately causing all of this lag?
  2. Because stabs aren't missed. You simply didn't crit. If you don't crit, you don't yield damage. Which is why I laugh at every Othell that says "CRIT DAMAGE ALL THE WAY WHY YOU SPEC CRIT CHANCE/DEX dyes HURRRR" Because "missing" a crit is a lot less damage than not. If it's blood stab, then yah... Positioning absolutely required.
  3. lol going to just assume you have little to no experience in real pvp or are just weak. Feoh with half my gear take real effort to kill while everyone else outside of invulns are one hit kills. my point still stands no DD has defense buffer like feoh take away the buffer and make them one hit like everyone else and I'm totally for giving them more crit rate.
  4. Sure, when Feoh trade in Mana Barrier so they're one shot like everyone else.. I can get behind this.
  5. I'm sure you guys have out-leveled your areas but I will answer the question for anyone looking in the future. Basically, spoil/plunder has turned into a supplementary skill rather than the class specialty. Granted, you're the only class with that ability, it no longer defines the class. What now defines the class is higher than average PvE damage (due to coin damage buff and old OFS passive). You wont, or can't rather.. Spoil/plunder anything under 105 if I recall correctly..
  6. Okay... So you confirm that they're super exclusive. And? It's a limited resource and once opened can't be traded. Your argument is moot. So because the exploit (which does in fact work in Oly.) isn't as effective because of a closed space, it shouldn't be addressed? What kind of BS argument is that? Nobody said it wins fights(although I have seen it win fights). It allows these specific classes to avoid fighting all together. As I said before, NOTHING counters Double Jumping other than double jumping. Not snares, not close range or pull skills. Nothing.
  7. You mean the Agathion charms that can no longer be acquired in game? Hardly a work around if it's extremely exclusive. Try and buy a Capricorn that has jump forward, let me know how that goes. Yuls, I can't disagree. Not the best defenses however, you trade those defenses for easily best damage in game. As for Feoh, really? Glass cannons? Have you ever even fought a good Feoh? They're thick af. It's an exploit because you're using skills in a way they weren't designed to gain an unfair advantage. The only reason it works is because they've made WSAD properly respo
  8. It's about time we talk about double jumps used by Yul and Feoh. The Problem "Double jumps"- referring to the exploit of the forward and rear escape skills held by Yul and Feoh classes. Okay, so I've been pvping for a good while now and there's one thing that absolutely gets abused and needs a hard nerf. Yuls and Feoh using forward and rear jumps in succession (effectively granting the player two full length forward jumps if done correctly) to either beat you to the punch while doing swords or total evasion and or escape from potential harm. Targets that should be easy ki
  9. Not without extraordinary investment. The game operates with class synergies, ISS for special buffs and wicked debuff, tank for pull/soak and buff, healers manage sustainability, dds.. dd. It's a group game first, if you want to solo, break out your card and start buying. They make it easy for you.. the Paulinas set is what? 600ncoin now? Gives you a full set of armor and some pretty snazzy jewelry for about the price of a combo meal from your favorite fast food place. If paying for your entertainment leaves a sour taste in your mouth, well.. As a pretty staunch capitalist; I will
  10. 4r4m's content, Korean l2 content.. Is still about 8 months ahead of us. I also just want to add, if you watch some of the Korean L2 streamers and compare, here on NA servers, we hit a lot harder. Like, a lot.
  11. There are no stupid questions, only the stupid people that ask them... The item is clearly labeled (Exalted) It doesn't take an <expletive deleted> to point that out for you, genius.
  12. Bow has most patk of any weapon which is also the slowest weapon. Couple that with an easily reached attack speed cap and you have disaster. Not to mention half-kills which used to be Rogue exclusive.. It's a broke class. Face it. No single class regardless of level and equipment should be able to show up and single-handedly wipe entire siege fields of dozens in a few skills. Do you even siege? Current meta is strongest archers win. I believe Yul should do really fat damage but their AoE capability is genuinely out of hand. Couple that with some of the best survivability skills of
  13. wtf is your problem with the caps lock button?
  14. Monsters in EV are dropping copious amounts of adena compared to when those quests were active.. Unless of course you're totally free to play. The single elcyum powder wasn't really that profitable compared just killing mobs in current system.
  15. I've been thinking about this for a while now. Not this thread specifically but the people having trouble post 105 when they hit the "wall".. I would advise you gather a group of like minded players with similar play times and/or convictions and always play in party. You would be surprised at how many damage debuffs this game has scattered across the classes, effectively making things much easier to kill. If you're solo and intend to stay so.. Well, get ready to pony up AT MINIMUM about $2k to stay sustainable on auto hunt. The minimum being your ability to kill the monsters b
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