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    While I'll say the gamble mechanics of the game are pretty crazy. There's still an element of thrill in it and frankly, you're an adult. Nobody forced you to spend your time and money. In particular the current random box gem system making Red Cats eyes just about non-existent fumes me. As for your argument for leaving, that goes for any hobby. Clearly you found some value if you've spent 40k (doubt) to compete... There's no other reason to spend that big if you're not competing. If you spent that for PVE.. Wow. Just wow. Spending time and money on pointless things is how we cope with having to work for it. Some people whittle, some build street racers, some play cards/slots, some spend copious amounts of money and time on pixels.. As for your gear, keep it. What is this? A Communism? GTFO... Let the man grieve. Ya savages.
  2. new patch date?

    Lets hope NCWest doesn't gut most of it and place it behind paywall... Dragon shirt upgrade stones for example. Also, melee dps buffs.. yey. Lets see how they pan out. If Korea is anything to go by (Not that it is considering they don't have god jewelry or specialty cloaks.) Tyrrs get a massive buff and Othell marginal. But eh... Will take what we can get. More than likely the patch will drop with the 16th anniversary and events. Mid to late April? Don't expect to see patch notes more than a few days away from actual patch. NCWest kind of slow on those things.
  3. Normal attack is crit damage with auto swing. As far as I know only daggers get more damage while using skills from normal attack crit damage bonuses. Very few classes stack or have any reason to stack it. Evi and daggers being the only obvious. P.skill crit damage =/= normal(p.atk) crit damage.
  4. best gear to get for othell

    If you're going pve.. Why Othell? Genuine question. Single target only skills, gotta move to target, low damage due to positioning constraints.. Unless you're playing a Fortune Seeker with a CP I don't get it and even then, we all know why you're there.. it's not your damage. Also I would love to help but in no way could I in good faith point someone to spend time and or money on a dead class. There's small love coming down the pipeline but it's marginal and will more than likely hardly effect, if at all, the classes standing. Especially going by Korean reception. If you're strictly pve, go something cheap to run like a summoner. Or something with more utility like a Tyrr/Evi? Want strictly dps? The king, Yul, of course.. Followed by a close second with slightly higher utility, Feoh. If you just love the class? Well, perhaps you'll find someone else sadistic enough to guide you down that thorny path. I will say, you'll end up paying a lot more than your peers playing other classes to be as effective.
  5. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    Skills enchanted? Bloody modifications/Runes? It's hard to judge exactly how you're behind on damage by comparing your kill rate to others. As others have said Yul right now is apex class. Feoh a close second. Comparing your damage to others isn't the best way to judge the class though. There's a lot that person can be doing that you're not. Edit: he did mention some bloody stuffs and skill enchants in op, guess I glossed over it.
  6. Evi & Feoh overpower?

    Forgotten skills? Very important.
  7. Solo hunting

    Exalted gear huh..? Blazing swamp is your place... But then, you already knew that, didn't you? Of course castila and ACM You can go to hellbound if you'd like and get 1 kill per minute and run out of mana. Exalted quests point you where you should be hunting. If you're not effective, it's a gear problem. You've hit the paywall and have yet to realize it. Can you get to 105? Sure np. Even more so now that xp event is on with 7 day vit rune for newbs.
  8. Spoilers comprehensive guide to making adena!

    Being proud doesn't put adena in the coffers, unfortunately. Also if you were around during the GoD transfer you would know that Spoiler was shoehorned into the archetype. It worked then when spoiling actually yielded results. Spoiling still yielded results prior to winter update. I was easily pulling in 1-1.5b a DAY. Now I'm lucky if it's 500m and that's only because of timed zones. So what do you do when your class has a very limited kill rate because of movement and single target exclusive moves? Well, I know what you don't do. You don't shell up and say "Well I'm a proud <insert noun>!". If you can't learn to be dynamic, you're bound to fail. Othells, particularly OFS don't/can't compete. Not in pvp, marginally in pve(only because of pve passive) and now after the winter update they took the only place the spoiling class has ever excelled in.. The market. "Oh! But you have exclusive access to Crystals of Soul and their purchasing power!" You mean the 3 circlet stones I've earned since update went live? Then what does NC do? Oh right.. They put circlet stones on sale.. In a market already flooded with stones. Essentially bricking Fortune Seeker. There's some changes coming down the pipeline, but let's be real here. If I wanted to be a competent PvP class and not an adena generator, I would have picked a proper Othell and not the shell of a class that is OFS. Also, believe you've been spotted leveling and at siege with a bow? Hypocrite much?
  9. They turned off the ranking system for like two weeks, the lag continued. The problem is the server can't keep up with the frequency of kills.. Just go to any of the sub 105 zones and look around. There's millions if not BILLIONS of kills happening every day... What does NCwest do? They nerf the 105+ timed zones and blame it on the dimensional siege reset bug. A bug that most of us thought was a feature for participating in server events..
  10. Spoilers comprehensive guide to making adena!

    So you're an OFS, great! Here's all the details that will help you make the most out of your time in game and make lots of adena! Sell all of your Othell themed gear (you wont be needing that garbage) Use earned adena to buy Yul themed gear (you wont be needing much, you already have the leather and patk stuffs) Reroll yul ??? Profit. Thank you all for your time, this has been the comprehensive guide to making adena as an OFS! Now get out there and make those billions!
  11. Exp is a NIGHTMARE, farm is a NIGHTMARE.

    My only gripe with the game is price. Entry level price to become PVE competent post 105 is ridiculous. PvP aside. I can only recommend to NCWest -- reduce price across the board or offer better benefits for purchasing prestige and or destiny packs. At the moment the drop rune is just about worthless considering majority of our adena is coming out of timed zones. Also, increase or change up the outdated hero coin rewards... We need upgrade items. Dragon shirt stones or breaths, brooch stones/upgrade items, dye crystals, royal save tickets, reduced price elcyum etc.. to reflect the changes in game. Who the hell is going to spend 300 hero coins on a giants life stone or R99 gear? Updated hero coin items equals more sales. I dunno how old this hero coins selection is but it should have been updated several times since Fafurion release. There's already enough dragon weapons in game. Lets balance some things out a bit and give us the opportunity to +++up our r110
  12. Jewel craft effect with silenite bug

    I think the real question is why would you think you can stack identical silenite craft effects? This is consistent with just about all gear. Clearly you're seasoned enough to understand this?? Or? Just a big spender who's ignorant? Either way, sorry for your loss. Good thing is it's only 15 more silenite to switch the craft effect.
  13. I cant creat a character

    Hey there, they have enacted some restrictions to improve server stability for players. Sever downtime is in about 3 hours (from this message) and more than likely they'll remove all the restrictions placed.
  14. Luck is a lie

    While I can sympathize, it's called luck for a reason. Increase your odds by increasing your volume. Want to try to get that +12 bloody to +++? Buy several enchant tickets/stones and be prepared to walk away empty handed (decrease or no increase in levels). Basically, over prepare and expect nothing. Also, as far as I can tell.. Luck is a separate "roll" from enchant chance and results are marginal at best. This, speaking from someone with 87 a luc stat(w/ luc buffs) dorfie.
  15. Drop rate depends on vitality

    It's working fine. In fact, Aden Treasure chests drop not only from elite monsters but regulars as well. As for Ether.. You're capped at 120 every day.