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  1. Solo play

    Not without extraordinary investment. The game operates with class synergies, ISS for special buffs and wicked debuff, tank for pull/soak and buff, healers manage sustainability, dds.. dd. It's a group game first, if you want to solo, break out your card and start buying. They make it easy for you.. the Paulinas set is what? 600ncoin now? Gives you a full set of armor and some pretty snazzy jewelry for about the price of a combo meal from your favorite fast food place. If paying for your entertainment leaves a sour taste in your mouth, well.. As a pretty staunch capitalist; I will point out that someone, somewhere, is working to create, support and sustain these products and services. If you're going to pout about paying people for their time and IP, I believe you have other priorities in life to worry about.
  2. When?

    4r4m's content, Korean l2 content.. Is still about 8 months ahead of us. I also just want to add, if you watch some of the Korean L2 streamers and compare, here on NA servers, we hit a lot harder. Like, a lot.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

    There are no stupid questions, only the stupid people that ask them... The item is clearly labeled (Exalted) It doesn't take an <expletive deleted> to point that out for you, genius.
  4. Complaints about archers

    Bow has most patk of any weapon which is also the slowest weapon. Couple that with an easily reached attack speed cap and you have disaster. Not to mention half-kills which used to be Rogue exclusive.. It's a broke class. Face it. No single class regardless of level and equipment should be able to show up and single-handedly wipe entire siege fields of dozens in a few skills. Do you even siege? Current meta is strongest archers win. I believe Yul should do really fat damage but their AoE capability is genuinely out of hand. Couple that with some of the best survivability skills of the game and it's no wonder why Yul is pretty much top dog.
  5. Othell dagger uses which DYE STR+CHA /DEX +CHA ?

    wtf is your problem with the caps lock button?
  6. Quests in Enchanted Valley

    Monsters in EV are dropping copious amounts of adena compared to when those quests were active.. Unless of course you're totally free to play. The single elcyum powder wasn't really that profitable compared just killing mobs in current system.
  7. What to do after lvl 106+

    I've been thinking about this for a while now. Not this thread specifically but the people having trouble post 105 when they hit the "wall".. I would advise you gather a group of like minded players with similar play times and/or convictions and always play in party. You would be surprised at how many damage debuffs this game has scattered across the classes, effectively making things much easier to kill. If you're solo and intend to stay so.. Well, get ready to pony up AT MINIMUM about $2k to stay sustainable on auto hunt. The minimum being your ability to kill the monsters but not kill them fast. Or you can take your time and slowly play the market. Adena is priority over xp in just about all aspects. I won't tell you how to play the market as a good business man never reveals his secrets but I'll tell you, I know at least a few that don't spend a penny on this game.
  8. Double jump fix? Feohs??

    So since we're fixing what's broken on classes.. (Shadow fake death fix, 30% hp strike) Is the dual jump that is utilized by Feoh and Yul on the chopping block as well? What about mid geared Feoh tanking entire CPs with broken mana shield?? Should a top-mid geared Feoh be able to walk onto a siege battle like a god? (Dual jump is referring to Feoh and Yul using their distance gain and closing skills in succession to propel themselves one direction twice.)
  9. new mistake

    lol... so the 2 hours max it takes you to do Oly.. stops you from grinding the rest of the day? Yul with exalted does just as well as others if not better while being more in demand with their ability to aoe. Also the penalty was never about the top players.. It's about the melee bug that has/had been plaguing the server for close to 10 months. Only in the last two has it felt normal. How are people missing this? You can nit-pick all you want about Feoh etc.. Honestly no one but the archer community cares. The decision was made and carried out. Deal with it.
  10. All he did was repost information that was already out there. Also, nobody said archers didn't get screwed. I simply pointed out the reason and still got confusion from OP to the point they regurgitated obvious information... YES! 2+2 DOES EQUAL 4! Why? Well 1+1 = 2 and if 1+1 equals 2, and if counting 1, 4 times equals 4... Then omg it's so confusing Do you even comprehend the usage of obtuse in that context? So just to point it out again, OP asked "WHY?!" I pointed out exactly why and person totally disregards what is said and proceeds to post information, that anyone who took two minutes to look over event page already has. So what if archers only get bow 4 times? Were you guys arguing for fair treatment with melee lag bug? DEMANDING your share of the lag? No? Oh that's right... You were hunting just fine the whole time while melees have literally struggled for close to A YEAR NOW. Melee has a very slight benefit for a short time over your class, get over it. So yes. He was indeed being obtuse. And you're obtuse for not even seeing that...
  11. You can't possibly be that obtuse...
  12. Hmm.. did you not read the entire event page??
  13. Revelation Skills (Savage)

    I dunno.. Works fine for me. Just checked after seeing this post. Both Disparition and Savage lv2 when activated.
  14. no war no castle

    Here we are... in another thread complaining about <insert clan name here>. Honestly, is 10+ pages not enough? Let me just take your logic and use it against you... Any clan with an active war isn't allowed to participate in any PVE outside of standard mob kills. No raids, no dims, no timed zones. This is how idiotic you sound. If you don't want a 14 man clan to have a castle, fight harder and win. Otherwise, this just sounds like.. "MOMMY!! BILLY(fictional, calm down mods) WONT LET ME WIN AT L2!!" A sad attempt to use authority to swing favor your way. Really indicative of the times.. Be honest, you're just mad you can't kill them afk like the other OP.. That is if you're not him posting from a shadow account.. Also, since auto was released war =/= pvp. Just an excuse to hunt down autos and ruin peoples gains. Absolutely nobody should be FORCED to participate in their own griefing, but here you are arguing for exactly that.
  15. Is 14 players clan an exploit in the game ?

    My 2cents before this thread gets locked. On Naia, clans use war system to exploit players as well. Can't fight back if there's a war dec and don't want to open war. While the declaring clan gets to walk all over you. Or prevent clans not willing to open war from fighting back in sieges.. I would say take it a step further and force all "counted members" in clan be minimum 105 and recently active. Due to dead clans with 1-3 people also exploiting the war system to take advantage of PvE clans. To the OP, honestly just sounds like you're mad you can't gank afks.. Cause that's all wars have come down to anyway.