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  1. Drop rate depends on vitality

    It's working fine. In fact, Aden Treasure chests drop not only from elite monsters but regulars as well. As for Ether.. You're capped at 120 every day.
  2. Will destiny packs have the same effects? If not, will the effects be changed to reflect the upcoming offering? Mine just ran out and don't want to waste 2400NC on something that wont be as effective. Thank you.
  3. Othell in oly

    I wouldn't call my self pro in the least bit.. but I would consider myself experienced. I won't go too far into tactics and ways to win as an Othell as these secrets must stay guarded for all eternity. However, I will say you have a tough road ahead of you. Expect to lose, a lot. There is quite a bit of fight tactics that just have no counter as an Othell. While the inverse is opposite. Just about every class has counters to just about everything an Othell could do to get an edge. I would say with the exception of maybe Wynn and Aeore and even then, if they're geared even mildly as well as yourself, it's going to be a fight. Considering the nature and more specifically the skillset of the class, you'd think they would be a lot stronger 1v1. This is not the case and I would argue they're one of the weakest classes in the game across the board.
  4. Tips for elements on armor?

    Appreciate it mixa, thank you!
  5. Tips for elements on armor?

    Hello again, back with another question! Was doing a bit of research and wanted to get some community feedback. I am looking to apply elemental attributes to my armor in hopes to increase PVP defense. I looking at 3x fire, 3x wind,3x holy, 2x the rest. Feel free to make the argument for other setups, just going by what I felt was priority. My rational is, Holy for weapons, fire and wind for Feoh. Any input is welcome, thank you.
  6. r99 > Levi chart?

    Indeed. After looking at the over all price the upgrade price is insane, even if I have more than half of the materials. As you said, better off selling this set and building an r110 from scratch..
  7. r99 > Levi chart?

    Beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much.
  8. r99 > Levi chart?

    So did a bit of searching but didn't really come up with nothing and l2wiki (EU L2) uses only R-gem and Elcyum for conversion rates. Is there a way/chart to check the general conversion rate from eternal to leviathan prior to removing the dark stones? I know it's pricey and I don't want to jump in, remove all my stones just to find out I'm a few billion short of conversion.. Thanks!
  9. PoM bugged?

    So yesterday did quite a bit of hunting. Noticed some of the time I was missing Prophecy of Might while doing some auto hunting. ISS is generally on macro and auto buff so I watched it for a bit this morning still perplexed as to why I wasn't receiving PoM when the macro was clearly running. Now, I didn't see anything in the patch notes about changes to PoM cast mechanics but we all know how NCWest likes to hide some changes so really unsure if this is as intended or not. Basically, now if you're out of range to cast PoM, it won't cast. Giving you the prompt in system window, "The distance is too far and so the casting has been stopped." Where in the past, had you attempted to cast it from out of it's range (measly 400) the ISS would close the distance needed then proceed to cast.