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  1. no war no castle

    Here we are... in another thread complaining about <insert clan name here>. Honestly, is 10+ pages not enough? Let me just take your logic and use it against you... Any clan with an active war isn't allowed to participate in any PVE outside of standard mob kills. No raids, no dims, no timed zones. This is how idiotic you sound. If you don't want a 14 man clan to have a castle, fight harder and win. Otherwise, this just sounds like.. "MOMMY!! BILLY(fictional, calm down mods) WONT LET ME WIN AT L2!!" A sad attempt to use authority to swing favor your way. Really indicative of the times.. Be honest, you're just mad you can't kill them afk like the other OP.. That is if you're not him posting from a shadow account.. Also, since auto was released war =/= pvp. Just an excuse to hunt down autos and ruin peoples gains. Absolutely nobody should be FORCED to participate in their own griefing, but here you are arguing for exactly that.
  2. Is 14 players clan an exploit in the game ?

    My 2cents before this thread gets locked. On Naia, clans use war system to exploit players as well. Can't fight back if there's a war dec and don't want to open war. While the declaring clan gets to walk all over you. Or prevent clans not willing to open war from fighting back in sieges.. I would say take it a step further and force all "counted members" in clan be minimum 105 and recently active. Due to dead clans with 1-3 people also exploiting the war system to take advantage of PvE clans. To the OP, honestly just sounds like you're mad you can't gank afks.. Cause that's all wars have come down to anyway.

    You sure your inventory isn't full? Not full as in 100% inventory slots consumed but full enough no to be able to port to Oly or accept/turn in quests? Try clearing some stuff out of your inventory and give it another shot.
  4. Nostalgia...

    Anyone else remember that EPIC 16th anniversary event that destroyed IoS, the market and in the end - was just about worthless? But that dice game... exciting stuff, huh? Honestly, it should be a mainstay of the game. Those rewards, I think I even got a few cakes and even some Ice Rose! It's a wonder why people, even from The States are fleeing for other offerings of lineage 2 by other companies. I couldn't imagine why... One would think paying more for less is the luxurious thing to do.
  5. Othell vs Feoh

    Out gear them. That's about it. Everything you can do to compensate for your lack of penetration they can do also. Dragon shirt, Disparition, etc... Even with changes to Mass Trick. It doesn't really matter if you can't penetrate their mana shield before the reflect kills you. Also don't forget that Feoh get a full mana recharge skill so even if you managed to penetrate their 95% damage reduct 5% mana damage shield, there's another one at the push of a button waiting for you. The class Oly dynamic is indicative to how overpowered/easymode the class is. Generally just stand in one spot and cast away, oh? They disparation-ed? No worry, just cast ground aoe skill and let that and your damage reflect kill them. This games balance is a mess particularly for melee classes. I don't really fight with fixed damage spam. I find it a cheap way to win but if that's not beyond you, might be something worth looking at. Expensive but from what you have probably seen from ISS that oly, effective. As long as you can evade opposing damage properly. @Hyperlite I think you misunderstood the question? He's an Othell fighting Feoh, not the other way around.
  6. best gear to get for othell

    Sorry, bit late for the edit but just wanted to add to the post, I didn't really think of it at the moment. lv.6 Ruby and event JuJu agathion charm also inflating your damage numbers/perception.
  7. best gear to get for othell

    Okay? Not sure what you're trying to get across here? You're an OFS, killing things in an area designed for just out of exalted, and? You have a base 30% pve damage passive and possibly running more pve damage in gear or runes while burning rather expensive consumables.. to kill whites. Sorry but, hardly impressed. I would post a video of my Othell killing but I like my somewhat anonymity from forums to game. Just a note, I two to one hit white con mobs. Nobody said Othell doesn't do damage, it's situational and quite frankly less utilitarian than evi/tyrr. I'd argue Evi is easily the best melee PvE. Do a few instance raids with a like geared Evi and watch her leave you behind dps-wise the second you miss one stab. Not to mention the frequency Evi non-skill swings compared to Othell stabs. You will never out damage a proper geared Evi who doesn't have to rely on dagger accuracy and stab cooldowns. Just /nexttarget, /attack. You can't do that, I can't do that, Tyrr can't do that, fact.
  8. SELENITE jewelry Change and Create...

    I'm lost... Stating clearly obvious facts doesn't ask a question, it makes you look like a douche. If you're trying to apply enchantment to your ALREADY OWNED jewelry, you're doing something wrong. If you think you can craft boss jewels with silenite, you're wrong.
  9. Return to game

    It's fine if you enjoy the class. If you're just after effectiveness and efficiency, look elsewhere.
  10. SELENITE jewelry Change and Create...

    Put your jewelry piece in your inventory...
  11. Othell Ghost Hunter Bug

    As someone who's too far in the hole to turn back on Othell, I endorse this message. If you like hardmode tho, please, enjoy. Suppose I can admit to being slightly masochistic..
  12. Lucky coin of Maphr fix? Explained on bug report forum. Thanks.
  13. Lucky Coin of Maphr

    Just wanted to express the urgency of this. At a 1m40s cooldown (base 5m), that's cutting into my profits quite a bit!
  14. Lucky Coin of Maphr

    New coin buff is casting as soon as it cools down while on auto as opposed to standard buffs that reapply when the buff is fading. It costing 77,777 adena doesn't help. Thanks.
  15. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    No mention of Othell Fortune Seeker updated coin buff in patch notes... Please tell me this was a mistake and not a region omission.