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  1. Get inside game to see Breka stronghold / ant nest/ fort of resistance / death pass at least 1000 bots and you are asking we to do your job. Giran server Full of bots this is unplayable I cant even do my second class quest I am trying to overrun 50 bots and you say make a ticket, why? they are all over the map. at least 1000 bots around! I will not do your job I am not a detective they are all over the place, move your asses to ban them.
  2. Death pass full of bots , Breka stronghold full of bots, Fort of resistance full of bots. Where are the team of Ncsoft? this is ridiculous I cant even do my second class quest in death pass. DO SOMETHING! they are botting 24/24 7/7 to all places ……...
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