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  1. An excellent list! I did forget all of that. I have to say, seeing a single titan kill frintezza in about 2 hits because of Day of doom + stigma being added to the game was absolutely hilarious. I was lucky enough to be a sorc with passive wild magic and was able to 1v9 full parties just because of that, but the dagger elemental enchants were also stupid. Also I have to say, being a bishop subclass with passive wild magic and valakas was ... just really unfair. Mass mana burn and everyone around you is out of MP. Also I remember actually being on my sorc for an antharas fight and putting a volcano on the port in against TD... oh that was good. Loved seeing all the 40-90k damage hits. Also, day of doom in pvp lol. it doesn't care if you're friend or foe EVERYONE gets half stats.
  2. Constant parties are a Teon thing, and it's a community killer.
  3. The game is definitely not too easy. You can't even really make top A grade let alone S grade in the coming patch, and I remember back in C4 being able to make 20 drac bows by about week 5. The way the gear is obtained in classic is MUCH harder than old L2.
  4. None of them would actually want old L2 anyway.
  5. I created my main account with an open beta key in April of 2003. Let's see what we can remember. C1- Instant cast 100% land rate sleep and other debuffs, damage doesn't break sleep. LE archer too fast to catch C2- Dagger skills completely ignore pdef, 1 shot everyone. Healers don't flag while healing flagged people. C3- Cancel removes every buff Aura flare spam 2 shots everyone C4- Focus Drac bow completely ruins the game when combined with CoV and baium/aq crit damage increase. Crit everyone for 8k damage with a bow normal attack. Necro paralyze has 100% land rate, instant cast, 30second duration. nuff said hero bow doesnt have focus and cancel sticks lol C5- Nerf the shit out of mages even more cause you can stack every resistance buff to get 90%+ elemental resist. I was permanent sorc hero at the time so I was very salty about this. IL - Add augments and mages can now get 100% mcrit rate with passive wild magic and valakas. Watch some videos of that Teon hero SH from X alliance mcritting archers for 300 damage with 100% mcrit rate due to elemental resistance stacking. CT1 - add Vortex busters and element, thereby bypassing the resistance crap and mages with 100% mcrit rate now hit everyone for 20k damage 100% of the time. Added seal of blockade making everyone else completely worthless 100% of the time. None of you remember this?
  6. S grade is classic, the last of the classic gears, remember S grade was added all the way back in C4, but it's not nearly as powerful in This version as it was back then when it was the only gear set with Focus bows. Also it seems like none of you remember just how ridiculous old L2 really was. This is not even close to the same. No one remembers Cancel that cancelled literally every buff or aura flare 2 shotting everyone? How about instant cast 100% land rate sleep? Damage that doesn't break sleep?
  7. Cloth Pieces..

    The only reason S grade was so fantastic back in C4 when it was added was Focus on Drac bows. WIth the current Soul crystal system, this is irrelevant. OE B grade is just fine. Also the way element works in L2classic is another hit to how good S grade was in CT1. S grade is just slightly better base stats now. I'm very surprised with the changes, they've done a lot to make C/B/A grade not worthless in comparison to S grade. Just think of bows. Drac bow, slow bow, focus, element allowed. Shyeed bow (which no one had), Very slow bow, focus, no element. Not even close in effectiveness or balance the way it used to be. Soul bow, very slow bow, no focus, no element.
  8. Items grade after update !!!

    Delusional people. Grade penalty never mattered for weapons. This is a pretty decent change.
  9. First of all, this is something that never should have been in the game to begin with even at prelude. Would have definitely helped with pvp if people could use s grade before 76, so I think it's a very good change. (even if you have s grade at level 1, you have no accuracy so...) Second, you are delusional if you think no one ever abused over-grade equipment. I remember leveling subclasses with S grade weapons with 150 element on them in CT1 because the grade penalty simply didn't matter, you still one shot every mob no matter what. Even in C4 it was more efficient to use an s grade weapon than your own grade. Third, in no way is this designed as an equivalent of old L2 from 15 years ago. None of the skills are the same, none of the stat balance is the same, do you see mages running around with valakas and passive wild magic augments getting 100% magic crit rate with 4x mcrit damage hitting everyone for 20k damage with vortex? Cause that's what C5-interlude was. If you look at how ridiculous you could stack stats back in the day it makes the current version of epics look pathetic.