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  1. I like to offer to anyone who like to earn extra adena during your dailie game play. I pay for 1 clan reputation points 5000 so 10k crp =50 mill adena. Clan lvl 6. The more you make crp the more adena you will earn every week If interested you can pm me to Neno or me Mood in game for details Top yull and feohs are welcome to
  2. is here a chance with dwarfts you know they steel we need then delete
  3. Dwarfts must be removed they steel adena from pokets its not safe.
  4. In this maintenance dwarfts will be removed brosh juwels chance to get lvl 5 juwels also will be nerfed
  5. i think juji will disagree on this but im trying my best
  6. With this maintenance: Server files will be rolled back to reduce the latency issues Orks and dwarf’s will be removed as they look ugly
  7. what about orks and dwarfts im sure its them cousing problems dark elf live matter more
  8. this server issues do to orks and dwarfts especialy dwarfts all dwarfts must be exterminated
  9. this is not gonna happen you get updates before reboot or just after if you lucky as usual
  10. well i have similad thing here and i still bouncing back 3 years now, i losing interest trying to contact them as ncsoft support all time i create ticket i get diferen nonsence stories replyed. i did spend loads of money now just bouncing my head in to the wall.
  11. @juji i repply to your mail with new ticket thanks in advance
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