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    LOL. seeing the amount of bots, they are failling hard trying to detect them. What a Joke,
  2. We want the real classic back

  3. take me a week to work bot hunter

    And this is why we should not stop making forum posts. I dont get why they dont go ingame straight away and check out the person you just reported. Observe and take action. But no..... In our company we also have a servicedesk...... and organised one, ALARMS go off the moment a tickets has no action for 2 days. Here it seems no1 cares. Dont point your finger at the employee, but at the manager for letting the employees get away with this. HOw big is the staff anyway? 5-6 people?
  4. take me a week to work bot hunter

    Same thing here , trying to keep Cruma 2 clear of Bots, cant be bothered to clear Cruma 3. Keep up the good work mate.
  5. 2 hours ago, Juji said: The Cake Raid event will be removed. More details will be posted later today along with what is being added. 1 hour ago, Juji said: All of those top rewards were removed from the players who received them after the event was manually disabled yesterday and today.
  6. They knew this event was comming for over 15 years, how can they not be prepared for this............ooh wait...
  7. To all WINNERS (and sheeps)

    Especially when it all goes to the blackmarket
  8. To all WINNERS (and sheeps)

    still the truth! Only a few control the Lineage world. not good.....not good at all
  9. its not a complete Joke, It's a bleeping joke. You should dump your marketing crew.
  10. Impossible to play

    And another thing, do you really let some1 play with 60 accounts? Dont you see how harming this can be to the game or the black market potentential? I even believe it's that bleep that was trying to steal a RB from the 50+ RB train, we ported in just intime becuase he was solo'ing that boss just nameless summoners 25+ muppets atleast.
  11. Impossible to play

    Do they work Part-time or something? I mean for them not letting us know how big their staff is or if they are understaffed, we are judging them by their poor work and have a bad taste in our mouth from their work ethic. Hope you read this Juij, just let us understand these decissions you make, becuase atm you're just ......i dont know.....maybe reply once a week?
  12. Many Bots, low gameplay

    Great response!, got me giggled and sad at the same time :-( I am new to this game, but have enof experience with other mmo to see how this is being run by people that should be on that function anyway. I mean, i totally understand how you read my message , i would react the same. But i cannot walk away without giving it a try. And by the response i see....it was effortless. But i cannot see how some1 can keep their function if the community is not happy. If i Would do that in my job i would get fired straight away so i dont see how these people can just keep their job while they dont keep their community happy.....you have 1 job and you bleeping failing at it...lel. i gues your just here for the money, 9 to 5 job ........anything extra you dont give a bleep. That how we see you Juij or any community forum member , just show us how you try to battle this , but we aint seeing anything or any action related to this. Read it how you like
  13. Many Bots, low gameplay

    i understand the GM Juij cannot reply to every topic about this subject. - But by not giving a General statement about the high amount of bot users(you can clearly see difference BOT OR MACRO) i am in doubt of the power Juij has. And by leaving this subject open more and more people will be like "if i cannot beat then, join them" so its even a growing problem. - By not giving a General statement you give the players the feeling they are not being heard. - By not giving a General statement you push players also to start botting, becuase you dont ban anyway. - By not giving a General statement, we are less likely to invest money into the game. - By not giving a General statement you let all the players down that were excited for this version of Lineage 2. - SO can you please, hire some bot hunter that spawns ingame and checks out the movement of these potential bots. - So can you please hire some bot hunter that checkes out these video's players make about the bots. Not gonna invest into the game until i/WE hear something about this issue. AND @Juij Can you please see the story from ourside? How would you feel that you come home from work and just wanna play the game you like, but you feel that the players that cheat have a super big advantage over you, becuase time=items=exp=levels=POWER and cannot compete. There are always players that play 24/7 good for them, they deserve to be ahead, but not some random person that uses bot to compete and is winning. TLDR; By not saying anything about this issue i am in doubt if you guys are even capable to run this. We will await your response or anyone from the company. By not replying, i will take that as a middlefinger to the face.
  14. Impossible to play

    I dont get how there is not a single response or a general statement from this Game master @Juij on this subject.