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  1. hello i am looking for xp ticket

    Where can i find : Low / Mid / High-grade XP Scroll Ticket ???
  2. Olympiad update questions

    So now we can spam healing potions in Oly ? this would make mana to run out really fast. Also we can use potions to cure poison and bleed ? As about the buffs .. i can full buff before enter in Oly game ? So now Olympiad NPC that giving buffs is useless ?
  3. Debuff success rate

    Hello i know it might be not the correct place to post my question but i had no answer , so im forced to ask in General topic! Does success rate! of Horror/Fear skill of Dark Avenger relates on INT and M.Attack ? If i am gona use a Dye that removes -5 INT the Fear success rate will be reduced ?
  4. about debuffs

    Hello is my first time making Dark Avenger and i was thinking to use dye +WIT -INT , but i am wondering if debuffs ,in general and Horror/Fear specifically, success rate relates to INT. If i will remove INT im gonna ruin the success rate of Fear ?