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  1. You are crying becouse you havent been online when gm gave buffs? lol...
  2. @Juji @Hime can you explain?
  3. Well i got it from Baium Box i bought 3x 50 boxes
  4. Ok, im asking if anyone else got this...
  5. No, this one was in Evas Hair Accessory Pack i opoend it and i got this hat, i dont know what watermark you talking about Watermark at the bottom is image upload site from my country...
  6. discredit? I have this i got it from Baium Boxes.
  7. I stopped playing

    Great, have fun playing 1 week servers.
  8. So i got this other day and i was wondering, anyone who might got this or something similar? Or if anyone of GMs or Admins can answer how rare is this?
  9. TI Server Down

    Usually there is just reset, this is probably to fix adena. Relax bois.