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  1. Yes it is, check video of yesterday pvp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6OzDFO4vvE More than enough players in one place. We do not talk about a little bit lower levels who make 65-70 lvl raid bosses. I think opposite, who is not happy are adena sellers, because casual people can now leave legal bot to farm easily. So adena farmers can not sell adena so easily now, because why I need to buy if I can leave my workstation and farm it by myself?
  2. Experienced player lf CLAN

    Giran server. We are Archer cp, all 76+ (+ two destros for raids), Lotus side. We can give bishop 74 lvl (just leveled from level 1) if you want we can give you to drive. Also, you can create your own if you can play in the daytime, we will boost it to 76 lvl per ~4 days (depend on your playing time and if you use boosts: VIP4, rune 50%, scrolls), just at the beginning you will need to play with our bishop in the evenings for pvp and due to level difference. The main requirement activity in the evenings for raids and pvp. If you are interested mail in game to nick: Kusle
  3. 27lvl Bishop To Be LF CP/CL -- GIRAN Server

    Sveikas, koks nikas zaidime? Toks pats kaip forume?
  4. LF Bishop 66+ {Giran}

    We can consider to invite Archer and Bladedancer into the CP. Also, CP has two Destroyers 74-75 lvl to powerlevel your char during raid bosses if needed. Main requirement - activity, at least in the evenings. Contact person is the same, only mails, nick - Kusle.
  5. LF Bishop 66+ {Giran}

    Archer cp 77+ {Lotus side} LF Bishop 66+ prime time from 20:00 GMT+3 till 24 GMT+3. For more info mail Kusle in game.