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  1. https://www.lineage2.com/news/fafurion-supplemental-update-preview?fbclid=IwAR16SUBVWN7_ebh4uhRg6_QUWLPxuZX48JevvIQQGoSnVLv0vaUDfhsUE6k After this, where suppost lvl 98-100 ppls have to farm, so many places that ppls do not use to farm, like dragon valley, but no, you guys have to change lvl from places where ppls do FARM. Pfff, #sux
  2. I do play from japan, and alread ask what should i do to juji and hime, and had no answer, so i just let it in north america, but i realy dont like it, cuz it's not the where i'm from.
  3. @Juji or @Hime, any one who see it, i play from japan, but i have no wish to play in japan official server, cuz i dont know read or write in kanjis, cuz im not a native, but at the new laucher have no asian option for region, so what shoud i put in region, i just let on america once but I'm not sure about what i should do, itplz enlight me.
  4. It's a know issue, but you guys will not fix that? Its, already pass a couple weeks and 2 updates. since we cant reply the original post we have to make a new one! pff And no one wanna expend 200kk to change to knight and change again to the original dual class once the quest should be working in any class, so that is not a solution.
  5. Well, supost the coin reward is for every one whos not the big winner, and it can be acumulate, but, i just use 5 or 6 outfits today and no coin at all. Pff
  6. Any1 know a good place to spoil some mats after lvl 100 as a duo? (spoil+ISS both active players)
  7. I don't know exactly, but i guess they come flaged close to you w8 you start to atack and give heal until they flag run of, when it happens, your char shoud stop to atack, but it does not, so you become chaotic. So, to me it's getting advantege from a bug, and the rules are clear about it, it is forbbiden. And also, to me and for the most part of persons they are thief, So they should be bannish. And if you remember well the auto-macros was realese when they couln't solve the bots problem, so, it was suppose to you let your char killing by then selfs cuz if you are trying do a quest that's tak
  8. But they are using some kind of bug to make ppls give the first pk, no one let the macro with force atck, thats why they should to be ban, and also the automacro was the ease path to bot problem, cuz they tried many times stop the bots without sucess and the players was complaing that with so many bots the was impossible get the quests done, then, they showed up with auto macros, and once again, they are choosing the easy path and loosing another ton of players, by this way, L2 ofiicial server will die very soon. It's a shame cuz i love to play L2.
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