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  1. We are actively doing 55-60 Raid Bosses now and are looking to recruit a few more to make downing them go smoother. If you are interested please join us on Discord or get a hold of Zoticx in game.
  2. Hello, My game name is Zotics. I have been running Shadow Consortium for almost 2 decades. Starting back in the Shadowbane days for the old school pvpers. We have come from a background of pvp games and when we heard L2 Classic was going back to it's roots we couldn't help but give it a shot again with the event in April. To our demise it seems that 90% or more of the server can not speak English fluently and we are having a hard time recruitng new members and overall making the game less enjoyable to not be able to find groups due to the barrier. We would like to use this post as an
  3. Shadow Consortium is an English speaking clan on Talking Island server. We have found it difficult to find fellow English speaking players to form a clan base to get groups going for leveling/raiding/etc. So if anyone is feeling isolated and is looking for fellow English speaking players to group with feel free to message Zoticx in game or join our Discord chat channel to chat. https://discord.gg/6bBEqK4
  4. Hello my fellow gamers, I have ran Shadow Consortium for almost 2 decades and we played the original L2 15 years ago on Kain server. We decided to start up Classic recently and after reading that it has the most NA players on Talking Island we decided to start up again there. But we are having a difficult time finding English speaking players in general. If they do speak it, it is very broken or they have ahard time understanding English. I just wanted to post here to try to see if we can get a group together so we can understand eachother and be able to play in similar timezones. Pl
  5. Says the guy with enough time on his hands to read all the post and reply like a kid to make himself feel better...
  6. My crew played the original L2 15 years ago and we decided to pick it up again recently creating Shadow Consortium again. Feel free to message Zoticx in game or join our Discord chat for more info. https://discord.gg/6bBEqK4 We are on Talking Island server.
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