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  1. 50 minutes ago, Yummydain said:

    Bye! Have fun with your carebear game! Mail me your stuff!

    Care bear wtf ?and giran sever isnt care bear ?no one wants to war all cuz they wanna get there raid boss drops.!!. No one is at war vs black zerg? No one .. To scared to PvP all u do in this p2w sever is pve with your afk marcos or bots? I'm right or I'm right ? 

    All I'm asking for a better sever #!!before its 2 late

  2. The oriana event xp/sp drop rate should stay. Now you have nerf drop rate xp/sp.. Most new spots for high lvls do not drop any adena/xp. Sever is full of bots/ looping macro.. Beside all that game is still 100% pay 2 win.. Only real way to make money is have 10 accounts afk fishing non stop..

    You better fix the bleeding form this what u call lineage 2 classic .. Before myself and half the sever moves to Wow classic ..

  3. I don't bot.. That's why I choice sometimes 2 not PvP to waste 1 hr farming. At doom knights. For 5% exp to lose it? In 10 sec ? That why I'm hoping ncsoft. Leaves it at 0 or 1% which is cool.. Will make the sever PvP with out care.. I flag anyone now at doom knights .. Idc if u have  buffs or not ...its funn..plz NC soft leave PvP death at 1%

    Im lvl 69 mage..

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