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  1. I can't login Continuously people in the queue.
  2. Aden fishing NPC will only allow purchase of 13 fish buffs at a time. ~M
  3. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    I just noticed there doesn't seem to be a recharge option to extend the time in the abandoned Coal mines.... I don't see it in the L2 store. Will this be available soon?
  4. Thank you for working a quick fix to the backup problem..... my heart was breaking seeing my main character de-leveled after over a half of a year of working to level it. It went from 108 to 106 when I logged.
  5. LOL You folks are a tough crowd. Keep in mind, the team has likely tried to keep the game simple to be able to be played by lower end PCs and slower connections....because they know they have a loyal community. But, all things change, and technology is changing and speeding up every six months. Those who are still playing on slower PCs and connections will have that greatest trouble with lag. I can remember playing on a laptop many years ago and had lag because back then L2 graphics was cutting edge. And now, Virtual Reality is here.... I wouldn't be surprised if the team is planning one day to bring L2 into the virtual world. So buckle down and be prepared for change. As you can see, the team is trying to bring a lot of auto functions and statics to players..... this widens the hardware aperture. They are great changes..... so take it easy on them.
  6. Team, Thanks for addressing the que'ing trouble. Had no trouble at all today. ~M
  7. Thanks for working to fix the latency.... What I noticed the most was my toon suddenly got very slow...… it was frustrating. Looking forward to the update.
  8. Oh no.... I've played a summoner since 2008; don't take the bears and reapers!!!!! :-(