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  1. Nevermind..... can't re-summon summons (Unicorns) until server maintenance is over, I suppose. I can't play yet.
  2. Just a note; summons can't be re-summoned until you restart.
  3. I noticed a "clicking" glitch..... when you try to click a consumable item (box or apply a potion), it won't work.
  4. The skill "Servitor Balanced Life" is not functioning properly in Forrest of Mirrors either. It stutters or lags to auto engage. Can you fix this skill's auto engaging trouble? Also, when a summons dies, the beast shots show they are "turned on" when they are re-summoned but they are not turned on. You have to right click the auto beast shots, turn the beast shots off and "reapply or reactivate/turn them back on".
  5. And please.....don't offer a "fix"..... the dollars are already spent and I won't do this again. I feel "robbed".
  6. Yup....... the only items you get are the Pantheon talisman, pantheon energy, angel boxes..... sometimes longing energy. I'm getting very angry over spending dollars to support this server. Over the past YEAR, I've received NOTHING participating in the events that wasn't consumable or just not worth it. Games are not supposed to induce anger. Check your sales programming...... I'm really starting to lose all interest in playing. No reward.
  7. Yes; constant disconnects...... My toons have died a few times because of it. Not sure what's happening. Says "server light".
  8. The addition of the Blessed Atlas Earring option is great!
  9. For the record..... I REALLY LIKE the water dragons in crisis!!!! Finally DRAGONS
  10. In Isle of Prayer, 111-112 solo hunting ground, I now can't hunt there as a 111 summoner. When my summons are killed, the beast shots also turn off and must be "re-applied". The auto function of the skill "servitor balance life" doesn't engage in certain hunting areas (to include Karina). I am seriously disappointed.
  11. ie., Forrest of Mirrors is 109-110 solo hunting zone...... At 111, with greater jewels and limited weapon, my summoner can't hunt there solo now.
  12. Also, with the update, my summoner can no longer hunt in normal solo zones for my level and WITH gear and enhancement items. The mobs are too difficult.
  13. Is it a game glitch that we can't enchant Homunculus' passed the EXP meter? Can enchant first bar, but not the second and third?
  14. Without the ability to "earn" through questing or a "broad base crafting system", every item becomes "rare". Which isolates your player base.
  15. At the moment, players have no ability to "earn" in game items (Runes, Crystals of Dawn/Determination/Protection, Weapons/Armor enchants) through the quest system. The crafting system doesn't allow enough ether/material accumulation to make/craft items. Please restore the quest system and increase the material/ether drop rate. Lineage 2 is a PC game, but the original rich content is missing which makes the game feel like a Mobile App; the PC game "experience" has been minimized. What the game "feels" like to a player is: you log in to endlessly grind mobs for little adena to make/purchas
  16. I've always wondered about this: Why are some private stores colored differently than the rest?
  17. At least you got one of the top 3 items https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/567923190140108826/794038090850369546/Top_3.PNG
  18. Nan_Adena.PNG (258×197) (discordapp.com)
  19. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/567923190140108826/793662933011922984/unknown.png
  20. Can't seem to buy in the AH.... is something glitched out?
  21. Xp is a little faster now; I'll take anything I can get! The grind without quest rewards can be boring; need something to look forward to.
  22. Grins..... I can't kill them now!!!!! Hahahahahaha
  23. Unequip your brooch and then you'll see the option with Shadia.
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