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  1. As title says. PM Izanagy or Izaname ig or reply here.
  2. Hello, I don't play for a long time. And now that I got some time. I wanna start to play again with my PS. She is lvl 50 using PL set + Cursed Mainguache. I got SE box lvl 48. I just wanna know if I can farm some adena/xp with this setup. Thanks
  3. SO first they ruin the adena drop and now events are only for people that buy ncoin? Ncsoft really wants kill this game.
  4. Hello, yesterday I was looking for a mob in dragon valley with some friends. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dragon_Bearer_Archer Wiki says that we can spoil PL leather armor keys from it but after 2 hours looking we only found bots and 1 group of mobs that did not spaw again. Someone knows the location of this mob? It's a trio of skeletons with an archer / warrior / captain. Thanks
  5. Pm Izaname in game.
  6. There is no more this quest. Go to L2Store in game > Events and buy a chest, it costs 0 ncoin. You will receive 3 sets of armor.
  7. I am new in game and would like to leveling with some ppl. I am lvl 33 Dark Wizard and my box is a Shillien Oracle level 31. There is many bot's around but I am sure we can make a nice team and have fun. Reply here. Ps. I don't play with afk bot ppl.
  8. Where we gonna receive this serial? Email? Thanks
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