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  1. Mentee coins

    Ok. Just wanted to be sure so i don't lose coins Thxs for the answer.
  2. Mentee coins

    Hi guys I have a question regarding the mentee coins u receive as a mentor. I read at the patch notes that u receive coins when mentee gets to 85, 99 , 103 and 105. My question is: You dont receive any coins before that ? (from 1 to 85) Thanks!
  3. Well, as a lot ppl said here i think we need basically three things: - Real server improvements (no lag, no atk spd lag, general performance issues) - Functional improvements (for example i'm not getting adena on every mob, even with drop rune and prestige, materials that worth nothing, more xp areas (not the same ones for everyone)) - Compensations (a good event for all players and compensation code for prestige subscribers, i have 2 subscriptions at this moment for 2 accounts). Please NCSoft, start fixing this issues cause i really like this game but it's hard to play with all this issues.
  4. Why don't delete the Tyrr class ?

    i just changed mine on red libra
  5. Why don't delete the Tyrr class ?

    Where do u guys get the info that Tyrr will raise on next updates?
  6. Atelia Fortress: Command Post - can't enter

    For a second i thought that they removed AF instance haha.
  7. Atelia Fortress: Command Post - can't enter

    Are u sure that Burnstein is dead? (the one outside the entrance of instance on Stronghold 3).
  8. Same here. I get like half or even less exp than usual...
  9. Thxs! Worked perfectly
  10. Hey guys. I have a n00b question about playing with 2 monitors and 2-3 accounts at the same time. I have the clients on windowed mode so i can switch quickly from screens, but i wanna know if there is any way that the screen that is not "selected" looks with the same speed than the screen that im not controlling at the moment. For example if im on my first screen with my main, it looks very smooth and the other screen works like a set of photos. When i click on the 2nd screen, game automatically start to work really smooth on the 2nd screen and the first screen gets "lagged" Is there a technical way to do it or is it just how the game works. Or do i need a different installation of the game for the 3 clients?
  11. Same as last weekend. Laggy on week, unplayable since friday.
  12. Newbie here

    Aden -> Blazing Swamp (Joachim NPC on Aden should give u a quest when u get to 99 to kill 1000 mobs and reach lvl 100) When u reach lvl 100 u should go to Heine to take 1st exalted quest from Lionel NPC
  13. Which Class Levels The Fastest (Solo) Now?

    That happened from the beginning of the game i think, when u kill multiple mobs at the same time u only receive 1 item.
  14. Hahaha same here, at least its good for our economy