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  1. Thxs Juji. Please add this 2 on the list of known issues (so its easier for all to keep track of this topics )
  2. Hi guys I have a question regarding the Attack Success % that gives the Atlas Earring. I asked around and they told me that increases the % for a skill to land. My question is: for a yul it increases the chance for half kill with pinpoint shot skill? Thanks.
  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHA sounds a like a really good idea
  4. Thanks for your reply. My spectral is 107 i use him as support dd and i've tried phantom blow on a 105 farm zone (green mobs) but even tho the monsters don't have half kill inmunity it doesn't do anything to them.. (after millions of attempts) I've tried it on Stronghold (yes i'm a naive person) and ofc it didn't work either. So i'll just stick with regular attacks..
  5. Hi Guys I have a 107 Wynn Spectral Master and i've noticed that he has 1 skill called Curse Exposure, which in his description says that "For 30 seconds, Deadly Attack Def -30%". Also i've seen that the Soul Specter have a skill called Phantom Blow which says "Aims at the enemy's vital spot", which i supposed that should work as a "Half-Kill" skill. I've started to use the Phantom Blow skill on my macro (i haven't learn the Curse Exposure skill) and i see that the Phantom Blow skill doesnt work as i think it should work (doesnt do anything special except for a little special visual
  6. If u ask me for a Titan i prefer P Crit Damage +7,5% if not a PVE +5%
  7. I see they gonna create areas for melee to farm at 99+, anything else ? (ranking system offline,etc)
  8. This works with Phoenix Arrow on Yul?? Or Death Gate on Wynn ?
  9. Disband and remake the pt (reloading game on classes with mp issues)
  10. Plz fix this NCSOFT, it's quite annoying .. (specially cause i use that bar on my iss for br and assist macros)
  11. i think the answer is pretty easy. But anyway if u create a poll the choices should be: a. Cloak Event b. Cloak Event c. Cloak Event etc.
  12. The only way to deal with that is to put a delay before the assist (delay 3 or so). If u are in places like BS mob will be probably dead before u assist, but in places like EV or SV (where u can get a spot with mobs for yourself) it should work fine.
  13. Now i want to buy it. COD me if any have (im paying 21b)
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