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  1. Botting?

    How do u add to the macro clickeable skills. For example how can i add death gate on wynn? useskill and then what action to make the "click"?
  2. ISS debuffs

    Cause they are the same , 1 is AOE now and the other is single target. (they do the effect of the 2 old buffs, patk/matk and pdef/mdef)
  3. Same problem here (Chile, South America) So i guess it's something general...
  4. Update 16.01

    This is Home --> Lineage II --> General Live Discussion not Home --> Classic --> General Live Discussion
  5. Update 16.01

    I don't understand why u guys say that the macro loop doesnt working, i just right click the macro on the shortcut bar for my assist macros and voila! Same as always.
  6. Update 16.01

    Are u kidding? So only autohunting is working???! What about assist macros for buffers or support dds
  7. Wow. Good to know that now i won't be able to farm those on multi accounts (only the main account have decent gear) We will get jewels retroactively?
  8. Huge lag

    +1 . Game works extremely bad, huge lag atk spd, i mean the killing rate is like 50% thxs to the lag..
  9. Hey guys I'm selling three +6 R99 HV Parts (Full Element) +6 Eternal Breastplate FE +6 Eternal Gaiters FE +6 Eternal Boots FE 3 billion for all (i also sell the parts separately). Mail "CrafterX Byee
  10. +1. 105 dual titan here vs 100 main maestro