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  1. It gives perma 30% P. Atk. boost now.
  2. @DraeckeI know but when I saw Hime mentioned the 3 client limit will be back I asked the question here because I didn't think it was necessary to open a new thread because of that question only.
  3. Can you add Jin Kamael race section in the appropriate forum category? There are a few players who reached level 76 on its classes so it would be interesting to know more about their skills and playstyles too.
  4. @DraeckeI asked it here and then when I saw Juji was on Discord I asked there too. What's the problem?
  5. @Juji@HimeWill the 3 client limit also apply to Classic servers? Please inform ASAP.
  6. The servers are still down for maintenance.
  7. Hello, Do their skills make significant damage like on early levels? Does it worth leveling an EE/SE along with PP to maintain permanent MP for skills? Or is it better to box BD for additional critical damage increase? The class on live server (Tyrr GK) makes negligible damage with its new skills. That's why I'm concerned about this issue. Thanks for your efforts.
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