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  1. PK for Spot

    That may be true in some cases. However, I like to avoid punishing people. That is why I give you guys a little heads up. Just be civil please. -Leto
  2. PK for Spot

    Greetings everyone, Please keep it civil around here. Especially you, Sesh2, are close to a warning. There is no need for being rude or calling people things. -Leto
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    After I've just removed a whole page worth of respones, I want to remind everyone that the forum language is English, has always been English, and will always be English. Please abide to the forum's rules or get suspended. -Leto
  4. Brasileiros

    Greetings @Michelsk1977 and @LenKz, Please be advised that the Lineage 2 forum's language is English. You may only deviate from that rule in the clan recruitment section. Thank you. -Leto
  5. Botting?

    Please calm down, ReaperGG. A lot of you guys seem to forget that the Moderation Team is NOT, and I reapeat, NOT participating in any game related development. We are here to keep the peace and uphold the rules given to everyone and us. So even if we wanted to change something, we are poweless to do so in the forums. -Leto
  6. Botting?

    Greetings ReaperGG, Unfortunately we cannot look into these kinds of complaints. Please contact the support team, if you have suspicions or proof of such exploits. Secondly, name shaming other players on the forums is against our Code of Conduct you people all agreed to. So please take your time and reread it. Regards -Leto
  7. Stalking & Harassment

    Greetings HEXperiment, We would like you to submit a ticket in that regard, they will be able to help you. -Leto
  8. Arbitrary Banishment

    Greetings everybody, Please be respectful of each other and stay on topic.
  9. Problems connecting to site

    Please refrain from using languages other than English outside of the clan recruitment section. Otherwise we have to remove your postings. Thank you. -Leto
  10. Lost Accounts

    Greetings everyone, I believe I clearly stated that the forum is not the right place for questions of that kind. We can't and won't answer such requests. Tend to the support or share info privately. If, however, I happen to see another thread on that issue, the punishment will be severe. Please keep that in mind. Thank you. -Leto
  11. Greetings Stephsister, unfortunately the forum is not the right place to discuss those matters as we in the moderation team have no handle on such matters. We couldn't do something if we wanted to. That is why I would advise you to get in touch with our support team again, who can actually look into your problem. Thank you. Sorry for your trouble. -Leto
  12. why deleted my post?

    Greetings Alessa, Your post was not in the forum's main language, English. We only allow other languages in the clan recruitment sections of the forums. -Leto
  13. Report Harassment

    Greetings BumFightSparkle, We are are sorry if you are being harassed in the game. However, we can not look into these kinds of problems in the forums, only our support team can. So please contact them with all the details. We also, unfortunately, have to remove all the incriminating pictures and videos of other players because they pose a violation against our code of conduct. I know some of you guys feel frustrated about his procedure, but those are the rules. The moderation team did not make them. You either blur the names or head straight to the ticket sumbmition. Thank you very much. -Leto
  14. Red Libra

    Greetings all. There is no Red Libra planned for the near future. It will, however, come back eventually. Regards Leto
  15. BepplerBots

    Greetings Molehead, We removed your link because of the visible names. Moreover, the forum is not the right place for accusations against bots. Please get in contact with our support team who can actually look into these kinds of issues. Thank you.