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  1. Please stop attacking/harassing other players on here. I would hate to warn people or lock the thread altogether. Be civil. -Leto
  2. Please keep it civil and respectful in here. We wouldn't like to intervene. -Leto
  3. Hello MatheusAdC, Unfortunately the forums are not the right place for looking into matters of this very kind. Please get in touch with the support, they will be able to assist you. Also, it is against our Code of Conduct to name shame people publicly, which is why I would ask you to please refrain from doing so in the future. Thank you! -Leto
  4. Hello Paragon, For now just post you suggestions in the Aden General section. The forums for Aden are still being planned and expanded, so stay tuned. But do not worry, our moderation team has keen eyes. -Leto
  5. Your answer has been moderated because it contained mostly Russian contents. Apart from the clan recruitment section, only English is allowed as language of conversation on the forums. Thank you. -Leto
  6. We removed several posts that were non-English. Please refrain from posting in any other language than English in forum parts that are NOT the clan recruitment section. Thanks. -Leto
  7. Hello SadDwarf, You can always just mail your inquiries directly to support@ncsoft.com. That should work in any case. -Leto
  8. Greetings everybody, This is a quick reminder that the forums are not the right place for reports like this Please submit them to our Support team via ticket for a proper investigation. the thread has been cleaned up accordingly. Thank you!
  9. Greetings Chanix, Your post was removed because it showed contents that were not meant for the public eye. Interactions between players and moderators should never be discussed publicly. Thanks for your understanding. -Leto
  10. Keep the PvP in the game. Be respectful with each other please. -Leto
  11. Hey Degus, Let me assure you we did not hide your posting because of your flawless financial deduction. We do however encourage you to refrain from being rude on the forums. -Leto
  12. Nervermind is absolutely right. Please refrain from using any other languages other than English outside of the clan recruitment sections. -Leto
  13. Greetings CM_, We would advise you get in touch with our customer support team, they will be able to help you with everything account related. -Leto
  14. Greetings everyone, We delete most of your posts concerning bots because you keep breaking the rules you agreed to in the first place, namely exposing and therefore shaming other players through exposition of their credentials. The way to go is addressing the support team, who, on the other hand, are also the only ones capable of helping you with said issue. Forum moderators simply do not possess the level of authority nor the tools to ban bots in the game. -Leto
  15. Greetings everyone, Please stay on topic. Please be civil with each other. There is no need for insinuations or mean behavior. -Leto
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