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  1. 30-Day Rapier does not display a countdown timer

    Greetings lorvrox, This is a known issue. Still, I brought it to our developer's attention again. Thanks for reporting.

    Greetings 4ss4ss1ns, I passed the problem along, stay tuned.
  3. Max Clan Fail ppl

    Greetings, Please refrain from posting any screenshots from the game that involve players' names as this constitutes a violation against our Code of Conduct (name shaming). I removed the respective links above. Stay fair, thank you, guys.
  4. Unable to Log in

    Greetings Wayhaught, I think it would be best to contact our Support for further assistance. Regards Leto
  5. How to get Diploma? Como conseguir o Diploma

    Greetings, I want to remind everyone that our forum's language is and always has been English. You may use whatever language pleases you in the clan recruitment section. Here, however, English ist the only way to go, people. Regards Leto
  6. 1007 error after last update

    Greetings picard, We are sorry for your inconvenience. Please create a new ticket with our support to receive help with your problem. Regards Leto
  7. Launcher doesn't start

    Greetings Fabri97, We are sorry that you are having trouble with the launcher. Please get in touch with our support service for the best possible help. Regards Leto
  8. Pk everywhere cant even farm An hour

    Greetings everybody, I would like you two, @mixa and @nnKeep, to keep it civil between each other. Leave the PvP for the game. Otherwise I'll have to remove your future postings as they are cluttering this thread. Especially you, mixa, have already received multiple warnings and still continue to annoy people and act inflammatory. Please act appropriately. When in doubt, also consult our Code of Conduct before posting. Thank you.
  9. Jewellery Icons

    Greetings Nemri, We will pass along your observations. Thank you!
  10. To all WINNERS (and sheeps)

    Greetings, You guys may discuss the topic at hand. But when doing so, please refrain from any personal attacks. Leave the pvp to the game and be respectful of each other. Thank you.
  11. Raid Icon on map

    Greetings Janeway, We removed your postings because topic bumping is forbidden by our Code of Conduct, which we encourage you to regard again. Only within threads which aim to recruit new members into a clan, bumping is allowed. Nowhere else. It is less senseful to bump your topics and more helpful to provide additional information like screenshots for example. That helps us to look into your problem more quickly.
  12. cant progress with the quest

    Greetings, The problem you are talking about is a known issue. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12911-known-issues-fafurion-5302019/ The team is informed and will look into it. Please have patience.
  13. way of wandering knight not working?

    Greetings, The problem you are talking about is one we are aware of. The respective administrators are informed. However, we cannot yet give a statement on when the problem will be fixed. Please be patient.
  14. Hope to see MAX on DS

    Greetings, We would like all players in our forums to converse in a respectful and appropriate manner. Personal rivalries have no place in our forums. Please re-read our Code of Conduct and leave threats and shaming out of this message board. For this reason, the thread will be locked. Thank you.
  15. Insane prices

    Greetings, I would like to remind you of our forums' Code of Conduct. Please keep your posts civil, always debating the topic at hand and not each other. Thank you!