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  1. Account Login Loop

    Greetings CM_, We would advise you get in touch with our customer support team, they will be able to help you with everything account related. -Leto

    Greetings everyone, We delete most of your posts concerning bots because you keep breaking the rules you agreed to in the first place, namely exposing and therefore shaming other players through exposition of their credentials. The way to go is addressing the support team, who, on the other hand, are also the only ones capable of helping you with said issue. Forum moderators simply do not possess the level of authority nor the tools to ban bots in the game. -Leto
  3. Greetings everyone, Please stay on topic. Please be civil with each other. There is no need for insinuations or mean behavior. -Leto
  4. Budget Build Evis Alt

    Greetings people, Please leave the PvP in the game. Be civil and kind with each other. This is getting way too heated a debate. -Leto
  5. Spicula bugged?

    Greetings elvz, could you please be a bit more precise? -Leto
  6. Gift/Scammers ncoin

    Greetings everyone, Please be civil with each other. Personal accusations lead to nothing. Stay factual and on topic. Otherwise I will have to send out some warnings or close down the thread. -Leto
  7. Web Plattaform Issues

    Hey FabioNCL2, I would advise you get in touch with our customer service. They will be able to help you in capacities we cannot. -Leto
  8. Unable to submit a ticket

    Greetings HEXperiment, If you have trouble with your ticket submission, you can also just write an email to support@ncsoft.com via your regular mail account. -Leto
  9. PK for Spot

    That may be true in some cases. However, I like to avoid punishing people. That is why I give you guys a little heads up. Just be civil please. -Leto
  10. PK for Spot

    Greetings everyone, Please keep it civil around here. Especially you, Sesh2, are close to a warning. There is no need for being rude or calling people things. -Leto
  11. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    After I've just removed a whole page worth of respones, I want to remind everyone that the forum language is English, has always been English, and will always be English. Please abide to the forum's rules or get suspended. -Leto
  12. Brasileiros

    Greetings @Michelsk1977 and @LenKz, Please be advised that the Lineage 2 forum's language is English. You may only deviate from that rule in the clan recruitment section. Thank you. -Leto
  13. Botting?

    Please calm down, ReaperGG. A lot of you guys seem to forget that the Moderation Team is NOT, and I reapeat, NOT participating in any game related development. We are here to keep the peace and uphold the rules given to everyone and us. So even if we wanted to change something, we are poweless to do so in the forums. -Leto
  14. Botting?

    Greetings ReaperGG, Unfortunately we cannot look into these kinds of complaints. Please contact the support team, if you have suspicions or proof of such exploits. Secondly, name shaming other players on the forums is against our Code of Conduct you people all agreed to. So please take your time and reread it. Regards -Leto
  15. Stalking & Harassment

    Greetings HEXperiment, We would like you to submit a ticket in that regard, they will be able to help you. -Leto