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  1. Hello, I have a question plz about penalty grad. Ok its possible for a player 1 wearing S grad weapon but not over. But, a player 90 can wear a R99 weap or armor ? I would like be sure about that, thank you
  2. Exactly !!! Auto hunting, no penalty grad... I'm very sad about that !!!! They're killing slowly L2.. Since L2 became free to play was already terrible... But since this update its the beginning of the end!!!
  3. I dont cry. I'm just saying L2 is not L2 now that's all !! WHat is the pleasure to play in auto ? Delete penalty grad is just dumb !!!!
  4. I just tested en classic and they put auto hunting too. I tested its a shame !!!! And now no need to go to gatekeeper to port. You can port where you want in any place !!! Its very sad seeing that !!!! Its the end of L2.!!!!!!
  5. I like the game now but how all will be with update ? Auto hunting is totally crazy !!!! No pleasure to playy !! what's the target, where is challenge ?
  6. First sorry for my english. I began L2 in 2005, this update is terrible for players !!!! No penalty grade is the worst thing that you did !!! Auto hunting too... You'll lose a lot of players !!! Seriously it will be terrible for players !!! I need an explanation for no grade penalty. its concerns only players 1 to 85 or it's mean a player level 20 can wear kelbim bow for example ????
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