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  1. The enchant rate for almost anything on here is RNG. Its definitely a casino game. I would only recommend enchanting if you do not mind losing the items, adena or Ncoins spent. I have had better chances at the casino actually vs. on here. Both are fun/stressful at times though lol. Here's to hoping that many make it to +15 and it drops prices on them. GL enchanters!!
  2. Ya, I almost did that too. Thought it said for +1-10 cloak enchants. It is for the +10+++ with no bonus chance. Hopefully you get refunded.
  3. I wish it would come back, or I wish they never removed it b/c I wanted to change my main class toon. Had it in my bank and was looking to use at a later time and never seen that they were removing. But i just used my 2nd toon to lv up instead. Sadly i wont get the birthday for early 2004 stuff on the newer toon as I made that one in 2005.
  4. It seems the enchant rate has gone down significantly since last cloak event. Last one I did 3 cloaks to +5 within about 30-35 enchants. this one it took me 60 to just make +5 with 94 luc buffed =/
  5. Would like the GM buffs to last longer if this keeps happening to compensate. Like 12hr buffs or something of the sort? or keep the gm buffs going for like 24hrs in town or FI?
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