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  1. Hardcore was run from TI to Giran with legs - becouse not have adena for tp And after come back
  2. First - im more "old-shooler" then you - because im play longer... But im not so old that cant understand what is better for progress. If you at 2021y play with fingers... sorry for you And now to say "im play with fingers 12h and 6h raids... Its not respekt for yourself... You have real life? You know sun, grass color? You have time to eat or go in toilet? I not want to diskus with "no-lifers" - empty people... ;/
  3. Its because if you not use macro - after 2-3h will be tired, and 99.99% gamer will use game makro 24/7. So you will grow ~10 times slower then other people You can acept this or not. But change this - not
  4. I know just 1 person who killing mobs with fingers... he 101lvl about 60y old, we try explain how to play now l2 - but maybe he not understand. So yes - its stupidnes Maybe you also 60+ year
  5. relax remove auto hunting - and l2 will lost 99% online. At this days people not have time for stupidnes - kill mobs with hands...
  6. No. Compensation = NPC "like GM buffs" 24h and can get just 1 time. Then its ok. Some people working the evening, and etc. In 2 years i just 1 time was get GM buff...
  7. ...here right and no... Right - not need to nerf EVI dmg - its ok. Not right - when say not need to nerf at all. Need - ant this will be done. Cant be if char in oly stay 99% of time on SM or UD. The same situation with ISS and Saycha. This 3 classess will be nerfed (UD, SM, HIDE). Just wait
  8. I can answer Simple - at this period im living not i my country - and i free time not have what to do. But when i was working by my specialty - i was have 0 time for game, and l2 (even l2 Screenshots) was totally was deleted from my computer.
  9. here most important part - for 500 gamers not need this upgrade was simple just OFF referral (mente) sistem - which people are scaming with 2000+ acc for circlet scrols / rose pots - and problem not exist... server solve problem and save alot money.
  10. ops... why you burn yourself? You just simple low level engineer - like most IT workers. what you can know more then random people reading info just in Google - nothing.. All we can instal "Windows", press "YES" or 'No" on update... If you are profesional - you really not have time for games. 3-6 hours per day (or more). Im not meet - no one profesonal person in job what they doing - and playing games... Or maybe you want that for example... doktar which play L2 make head operation (for you)? He just remember that forgot acc in IOS - and let you alone in half operation O
  11. your gear just for beginners. with good (midle) gear you can get ~300. Im not talking about best
  12. Come in Naia - im my clan. And you will undertand your knowledge's level Not will be high. BS level...
  13. Better say what more your friend and clan members say for you I understand you - at 110 kill in BS mobs - not so big expirence
  14. cheaper to buy "IF" someone stop play - and want to sell - and you at this moment have adena. I was making cloak +15 - for me scrolls the same price - and its not important mage im or archer. But for example mage weapon more expensive to make - enchant chance 2x more bad. Or, for example i must to buy 21+ bow and WAIT 6-12 when will be "libra".. Wait 6+ month... Its idiotic sistem Exeption just ruby, cat - but its becouse mages just 6 and 3 healer clases, and 30+ dd, tank, iss... But all other thigs its absolutely the same: dw fragmets, bloody/zare fragments, jev upgrade stones ,ar
  15. Part about prices: what you want? All cry need biger adena drop. So now adena alot in IOS, TOI and etc. So prices will be 2x time biger then 1year ago.
  16. What is cheaper? Abudance 4? Maybe weapon? Set? Maybe cloak? Artifakts? Or other things? All this items - parts, cristals, enchants and etc - the same price for everybody. I'ts not questionable. But fact archer making 2-3 times more adena then other classes. So - its just question of time when will be big nerf. Game cant go like this.
  17. Its not problem - but way to solve grafic lag. This first was maked in "Beware of Mutent Orcs" event (13.10.2020). And yes - was 0 lag in that event when all come and waiting. Lag just just was strat when all start using skills... Beware of Mutant Orcs
  18. @Juji maybe time to stop sleep? You already "antiBest" Lineage 2 producer. If cant do nothing - then maybe delete from Event --> Double Duration of 'Increase Adena' buff Known Issue: This bonus is currently not working. We are waiting on a fix from our Development team. Not need this "double duration" - its ok if we have old adena income. Now for my tipical 400kk, drop to 200kk... "Event"... Mistake after mistake... like all last 2 years...
  19. Yes you right. Im play with FEOH Soulhound (113). Also tipical suport Heal, ISS, tank (all 110), runer (dread). And many other acc 99-101 - long time ago jus lvl to see skills (im not lvl this acc 105 to get metes revard). With feo can fell difference if exist lag. Normaly solo 120 instance for me need 12min. Now 14min...
  20. Who said that im have just FEO? Time to sleep for you. Im not interesting to talk with low IQ people - which cant think, try to search - and in the end solv the problem. And this server problem fake acc (boter) - aprox all mente are farming mente sistem. So to solv all problems - need just turn of mente sistem (and mentes sistem revard to put for example.. in oly, also just make limit oly from 110. It easy to do. But this server admins... The same lvl like you. 2 years - cant do simple things.
  21. Tons not less and not more. But difference: tons stay in city (waiting oriana coins) and kill mobs - using atak/skills and spam server. If try to remember past... Absolutely all xp events was making lag - and maybe this fact can explain where is problem. My difference with adena from IOS can be explained with 1/3 FEO crit rate. One day more one day less. Or I forgot to change humuk or something else.
  22. True coming from mistakes and number of try. Read what is not correct - oposite true.
  23. Man... if you are dumb (and you are) - not need to think about other like this. I was maked post 18.04.2020 https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/17284-countdown-timer-12082019-officially-start-lag/ From that moment i make alot test to understand - why. Its skils lag - not melee. Im in IOS getting every day differen from 300 to 400kk In 2021 cannot be computers, servers - which cant handle L2? Are you sure that NCWest server can handle it? They cant solve proble 2years!!! So why? Maybe becouse solving not this whant need?! P.s.: Im getting 350kk adena in IOS 112... Do yo
  24. Yes - you right! But not need to compare Core with Naia/Chronos.... "Game" the same but different sistem! What we have in Naia/Chronos? 500 - active acc... and ~3500 free 'macro" boxes! - ALL THIS ATACK MOBS WITH SIMPLE ATACK OR SKILLS. Its totaly different situation - server simple cant calculate all this lets say ~4000 "atackers. And we have skills/melee lag - but not see skills lag, see just melee lag. Its reason why when events (xp, and etc) - many acc kiling mobs - and all start geting skills/melee lag - and start geting less adena/drop. Its just 1 way to explayn this situatio
  25. relax from game - you have some problems
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