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  1. Just bought some nc coins...no mail yes and no nc coins in my account...money already dessapear from card ...is a normal delay of some houres? or is just me
  2. Can any kind soul help me to make a decent macro for my spoiler? i tried many things but it keeps spoil same mob many times before killing it...i need something like [ next target-spoil-attack-sweeper-next target ] maybe is easy but i am a bit new to this so if someone can suggest a macro to spoil same mob only once i will appriciate it
  3. as title says i never got the serial codes...can anyone help ?
  4. Talking Island Server............As title says...40 lvl tank looking for constant party to farm low lvl raids. Very experianced from normal l2 (maybe some of you can recognise the name from devianne bartz chronos). mail me in game (emmrahil) kkthx
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