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  1. This. Happened to me too today 3x now never happened before. I can confirm there's an issue. Happens when I tab out to desktop and idle there. After 5 Minutes all clients are closed. I checked my connection 3x it's all stable no router disconnect nor any remote connection termination. I'll keep observing this. Retarded engine force closing clients instead of being able to restart. Good luck if this will persist for me I'm out im not a jerk...
  2. +1 @Thug It's so fakin simple. You guys do sub again n we get free SP scrolls or as daily reward..(store may remain we dont care). You could even make SP scrolls available on store. The majority of the people would rather buy that than jus playing a lottery.. I was really laughing .. 200 NC coin.. you literally get items worth 100k or less.. 1x golden fruit.. 1 only!! .. I'd fire ALL the staff from human resources @ NC.. nothin else to add.. PS: very imaginative.. baium boxes.. hardin bags.. whats next?
  3. Admin's wake up

    Hello folks I jus put this here cause topic says it all - Look at CLASSIC general discussion topics.. flodded with complaints and reports about broken content @Juji @Hime. This IT content is jus one of a few dozen broken contents. ALL high level zones are broken you can't simply do it with a small party. You jus eat 700 to 1300 damage (lv77, 1600pdef) in DO cats for example. Plus we have ADENA issue, we have PK issues, we have ~ 200 active server players server ADEN -> GLUDIO is dying topic read!! That X company greedy policy is just crap won't work for the company. Subscription based classic like EU classic server would do much better. Oh wait I don't judge neither I'm employed by company X. Look all servers are jus as dead as this game very soon. 3 Months back it was much better. Now we get EVENTS.. within events new events.. ADMINS you don't care about our posts you don't announce updates, you don't announce KAMAEL update, you don't announce blood crystal fixes etc. etc.. list is never ending. So again I'm going to ask you: 1) Will this server be merged soon? 2) Will ALL the broken content soon be fixed or not? 3) IF you can't answer ALL of this then can you freaking answer please why we should play a game with no future? Conclusion: Quit the game - terminate the servers!! The X company's policy is just disgusting - even an icecream seller on the street has more manners n respect towards it's customers than that X company has! *rage mode off* best regards
  4. Soulshot C recipe

    I did another post on that regarding soulshot A recipe (check Aden server). Theres' been a change in the l2wiki database no one knows why. Here's what i found on older post regarding soulshots: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/13115-blessed-soul-shots-explained/?tab=comments#comment-95121 However that's bout blessed soulshots. Nevertheless the DEV team @Juji explained and even posted a chart. The community is asking IF THIS is intended content OR if this is a BUG.. BUG right. Please ADD a proper chart on Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots just as that one on the URL. It's your responsibility as a developer to respond on that please and deliver us a proper answer, since NCSoft is not willing to invest money in a new accurate database. Behalf of the players spending money on this company I'm sure we deserve an answer. This is a major content - without Soulshots, player will continue to quit.. Just a simple as that. best regards
  5. NC Korea tells em' to sh1t in their pants.. they do it. They laugh in the faces of the community because it's their job to do. Juji and Hime are just ordinary, paid employees of another company which calls itself NCsoft... A little reminder however to NC: When you plan events, plan it properly. If you can't do it properly, don't do any events at all.. And last but not least: You give a sh1t what we want, you squeeze out our pockets, you missuse our love to l2 for your profit - go ahead and continue, it's all fine. Just one more thing: Tell us the date of the final shutdown of all CLASSIC servers so everyone of us can decide freely wether to stay here or quit! If you got balls close the bleep boards cause our posts mean nothing to anyone.. Jus a waste of time..