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  1. Below list the problems for which this server is a verro affront for those like me spends a lot of time, or what has available to play your server.1. The adena drop, however horrible, the money I spend expare between GK and SS does not fit me.2nd few mobs and BOTs anywhere. you have taken away the ability to report bots because? I personally tried to contact one of the Russians who sells adena for money, because it is my dear GM it is the Russians who sell adena for real money, and you what do you do? take away the possibility of reporting such abuses because you have actually mixed in the sit
  2. I would like to understand what comes down from the gift box, I sincerely hope that the experience that gave fioti to the events is dragged away because if I have to drop that useless item of the exp, I willingly quitto the server. I'm "disgusted" by server and event management, and I hate the fact that in this server they allow Russians to shopp real money for adena, it's a shame, nobody takes away my head that this is an unofficial server paid by someone to make money on. because if it were really managed by the NCSOF it is a shame that they came down to these levels, a server full of bots,
  3. hi but this box in l2 store for free give exp like the cake or what? and if is possible claim it 1 for day how many day we can claim this box?
  4. you have right! i Agree my friend
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