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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 2

    Okay we got the GM buff forma today .. so And the next days? I think that being an anniversary should be an epic event out of the ordinary and never put before .. but hey! We will be waiting .
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    Everybody waiting a SP or really exp event and they come whit a second event p2w un 1 month Lol... They game only bring Bored players.
  3. Emperor Squash

    Hi. U can brake the emperor melon.. whit 5 player.. i did whit my Main necro+ se+destro+warsmith+scavenger and i did easy. No need so much buff, only pick migth Focus and ready. Try it and tell me 😀

    It is necessary to make the complaints of all the players that are affected by this nerf in the CDL skill, to do something and either fix it or simply eliminate the use of cursed bones in the dead spike or place a skill of summon bones.
  5. Necro & SH CDL Bugg

    totally in agreement with your post, bro, the cdl is vital for farming and at this moment to spend. in cursed bone it is absurd, between the fees and that if we have to buy bones. we are going to go bankrupt xD. I think a good way would be to add summon cursed bones or eliminate them completely from the consumption of dead spike .. as they said before the friend immabe
  6. WTB BW SET (Heavy)

    how much are u paying for the set ??
  7. Lf wynn Runes.

    wtb wynn runes any lvl.. but espesific 6+7 or 8 and lvl 1 to, pm in game naiguatapeak