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  1. AH Manager Bugged!

    It's not a bug. You just hit the display limit (999). Always refine your search and make sure the item list number is less than 999.
  2. Please nerf fishing ASAP!

    nothing is over, it has barely started
  3. Please nerf fishing ASAP!

    Exactly nothing will change about the queue when they turn off the raid event. People will just equip the fishing rods and start afking elsewhere.
  4. The servers are full for one reason - fishing. Anyone can clearly see it by checking the fishing areas. They are infested by keen fishermen. And when you start fishing yourself you quickly get the answer to the question why. Skillfull fisherman mission provides 500 free baits EVERY DAY. In 10 days of the free fishing rod from quest it means 5000 baits. Or even 5500 if you open the fishing rod pack and start fishing at the right time. All it requires is a level 20 toon (which is like 1 day of exp) and 5 baits (which you can buy instantly). Now let's say you don't want to invest anything into fishing, so you don't use shots. With those 5k baits and 20% fishing rate you get 592 blue and 390 fresh mackarel and 29 golden treasure chests (results may vary). You can either stop there and use all the free stuff, or you can turn the blue mackarel into more baits and go fishing again. 3 more rounds and you end up with no blue mackarel and 510 fresh blue mackarel and 38 golden treasure chests (again, results may vary). After 10 days of fishing rod you roll a new toon and rinse and repeat. Even the pro players playing only one toon are encouraged to log another two just for fishing, because it's automatic and provides various boosts for the main one (they can exp the sidekicks outside of CP time). The more computers you have, the more fishermen you must have. The worst thing is you don't even have to log another account too often, just relog the same account and keep creating new characters. And now imagine that bots can do all of this completely unattended. Fishing is not only self-sustainable, but OP, because everyone can play for free (no VIP requied), get level 20, get the 10-day fishing rod instantly and because the daily fishing mission is OP. This system may be fine in other territories where people have to pay for every account, but is too easily exploitable in free to play. I suggest to replace the daily mission reward (decrease the amount of baits to 24 or less, or put a completely different reward there, such as a non-tradable buff scroll, potion, etc.), or reduce the duration of the free fishing rod from quest (2 hours?), or both. This will dramatically decrease the amount of people online almost instantly. Thanks.
  5. Xincode Error

    Usually 2 (main + mentee, yes lol), sometimes 3. I've never had any problem.
  6. I fully support the idea to automatically abort macro looping after certain time. Just stop the running loop, so the player has to reactivate it again. (bonus points for making the delay random) One could still enable endless looping with the help of mouse/kb software, but GL making it work with 3 windows. Factions are easier now than ever. Defending macros through factions is silly. A game is supposed to be fun for people, not for computers. F*** bots.
  7. Xincode Error

    I always use BattlePing otherwise I get horrible delay in L2. I haven't noticed any problems with xigncode3 since monday, everything is fine for me. Windows 7 updated with latest patches, i5 4-core CPU, 32GB RAM, no AV running (long list of reasons why).
  8. Security vulnerability in XIGNCODE3

    Wait just a few more years and he will be state sponsored.
  9. Fishing Bait test :)

    So... I was in LoC tonight and today, Necro 105 + ISS duo, on macro without shots, around 20 hours in total (+-1h, can't remember exactly) and got 78M of pure adena and 97M in lvl2/3/4 mats (grocery price). 175M pure profit. It feels exceptionally rewarding. Fishing doesn't make sense, especially adena-wise. You must be extremely lazy to exp that way.
  10. Performance Issues Since Update

    In my case, the L2 game client uses around 1.2 CPU cores. The main game thread uses one whole core and the GPU driver thread uses ~20% of another core. I have an i5 3570k clocked at 4.3GHz. Mixa's CPU is 8C/16T (windows treats it as 16 cores) so his 6% roughly equals to 1 CPU core as well. I assume you have a 4-core CPU clocked around or below 3GHz... the 40% sound about right. A quick search led me to a 310-page unresolved topic on nvidia forums. If you're using win 10, roll back (or reinstall) your windows to build 1607 or even 1511 and block all feature updates. That should resolve the stuttering issue. AMD cards on win 10 don't stutter and nvidia on win 7 don't stutter either. You may consider that too.
  11. Security vulnerability in XIGNCODE3

    That "anybody" would have to escape the browser sandbox which is neither trivial nor cheap. Vulnerabilities get patched sooner or later. Wellbia is not a dead company so hope for a newer/patched version of xhunter until it gets to you.
  12. L2 problems

    You have put a lot of effort into writing but not too much effort to think about the things you write about. You don't understand many concepts in game and in business as well. Everything affects everything. You can't just change things as you like. L2 is complex. It takes a lot of practice and time to understand and master it. Play something else if you can't handle it. P.S. Don't you dare to touch my healer nukes and toggles, they are all equally important!
  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    ^^ THIS is why we get these promos. Everything else in your post is irrelevant.
  14. AF Faction - Healer

    You should find a feoh that stuns/knockdowns and snares mobs all the time (they must use wind or earth element and proper skills) and your life will be 9000% easier. With a small donation (aka prestige pack), if both ISS and healer have eva runes, they can cast angel's touch and brilliant purge one after another so the healer becomes immune to debuffs 100% of the time. ISS casts BR only while b.purge is up. This requires great attention on both sides but it's a fairly easy way even for newbies to sweep through AF. The debuff chance from mobs depends heavily on level difference. There is either very small or no effect from the jewels and armor sets. Replace your armor and weapon as suggested above by others. Even your DPS on main will get a bit better with +8 top and pants. You should be strict on everyone, not only ISSes. See if you can achieve your goal with the current party and how much effort/time it needs from your side, then use PR wisely This macro is total BS. Without polymorph after debuffs, the ISS will end up either dead or with zero MP and they will probably waste BR due to lack of b.purge. /Attack is useless because wiz.harmony is needed for BR cooldown and ISS doesn't deal damage anyway... unless they have OP gear but then they probably don't need that macro anyway. Sonatas? You can still get pulled if the captain is between you and the person you're targeting with progressive. Running (to someone to res them) is not the strongest trait of a healer, you should avoid that.