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  1. UI Not Fully Transparent

    I hate the new transparent UI, especially the party window, it hurts my brain. There is an option for sheer chat window, but no option to enable/disable it globally for all controls. I want that.
  2. Tell Us About Your Computer

    R9 3900X, RX580, 32GB RAM @ 3800MHz
  3. My L2 clients are running fine, they never exceed 2GB, and I haven't heard of any memory issues recently. It must be something on your computer. First make sure Windows and drivers are updated. Then review all apps installed on your computer and update or uninstall those which could be touching L2 in some way, especially those that overlay some info on screen within the L2 window (TS, amd/nvidia stuff, performance monitoring apps, ...). Check your AV too.

    it says you need service pack 1
  5. Sword Zariche

    Unchanged status after death (HP/MP/CP, buffs) is just a small bonus for the victim. It looks like you're not dead but if you look at the damage in system chat you'll quickly understand that Zariche/Akamanah did kill you. The game doesn't give you the option to tap to town immediately, it delays you and then teleports to town automatically.
  6. Cursed Sword Rewards

    Camping at a castle, fortress or other unreachable area is useless because the NPCs and players will kill the chest for sure. You, as the owner of a cursed weapon, MUST go and protect your chest, otherwise you'll lose it. The last 30 minutes guarantee pvp around the chests. Too bad it's not 2-3 hours earlier, many people will miss the best part of this update (IMHO). I got one of the weapons yesterday on Naia and it was a lot of fun, but there were no big fish around, so let's see how it works out when they get involved. I guess it will be a shiet show as usual.
  7. removing SA soul cry

    I would like to know too.
  8. New Pack L2store

    I fixed your typos there...
  9. 30-days packs issue

    30-day packs contain Lindvior, 7-day packs don't. Read the descriptions.
  10. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    BP 1.5.3 as well. Here's some more info in case it matters: Image: C:\Program Files (x86)\BattlePing\bp\ss5capcmd.exe Hashes: MD5=63A270F1917A4A2E35DF2D757E12D4A3 Image: C:\Program Files (x86)\BattlePing\bp\ss5capengine_battleping.exe Hashes: MD5=518C01615D840E76662B9723673F91F1 Image: C:\Program Files (x86)\BattlePing\wyUpdate.exe Hashes: MD5=0776370846DFE1D108CBD098DB162F35 Image: C:\Program Files (x86)\BattlePing\BattlePing.exe Hashes: MD5=3E8CC36CA11AA01EA0FAEF49E47048FC Image: C:\Programy\Lineage II\system\XignCode\xm.exe Hashes: MD5=8F0090C3A5499648EDE58D0CE2D5F620 ImageLoaded: C:\Windows\xhunter1.sys Hashes: MD5=6FB104855837F874765FC74BB071B676 Image: C:\Programy\Lineage II\system\AwesomiumProcess.exe Hashes: MD5=50D4FAA7C0091842C413F2F37E7F2A4A those files don't appear in sysmon log: x3.xem 555C976E6BD1C1D236A550E464DDABD9 xcorona_x64.xem 23E4E9D8840250C1ACE4451680082A58 xmag.xem 1F5F37EA63FA74D7BE86FE106B62D26B xnina.xem D823007EE752D81AE43DD6557873A96A xxd-0.xem & xxd-1.xem 37B5C33921042D203AB27166698671A1
  11. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    That's on win 7 x64. @BmD dude, please stop. When I forget to start BP I can instantly feel the delay. Like when I click on the ground, the char starts to move in about half a second. When I run on BP, the delay is what you'd expect, around 140-150ms (EU to TX and back). The difference is VERY noticeable. I made videos and measured this in FRAMES. Stop being a clown.
  12. Xigncode3 blocks Battleping :(

    I have never stopped using BP... https://imgur.com/g8717Dx
  13. AH Manager Bugged!

    It's not a bug. You just hit the display limit (999). Always refine your search and make sure the item list number is less than 999.
  14. Please nerf fishing ASAP!

    nothing is over, it has barely started
  15. Please nerf fishing ASAP!

    Exactly nothing will change about the queue when they turn off the raid event. People will just equip the fishing rods and start afking elsewhere.