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  1. All you guys every time dont like nothing . Server has low adena you cry , you have problem with bots but you have also problem with exp that is lvling very slow .Also you have problem with adena sellers but you are buying adena from them . You dont like l2 store items you want to play free here but you asking for full support of NC SOFT why they know you frm yesterday and you want play for free? They spend money for these servers and this is their job so they must get these money back . You dont like updates but you bored on the previous update . You dont like hard farm system but you dont like easy farm system . All of you that all day crying in forum you are randoms players that you have no idea of this game and play only for 1 month and you quit and the only you can you is for crying and crying with everything . STOP POSTING ALL THESE IF YOU DONT LIKE THESE SERVER DONT PLAY . IT IS SO SIMPLE NOONE OF YOU PAY FOR HIS ACCOUNT SO IT IS  FREE GAME FOR ALL OF US . GO PLAY OTHER GAMES AND STOP TRYING RUIN THIS GAME .

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