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  1. @Juji SP problem isnt only for ertheias, when u get dual class on any char, you have no starting SP to learn the skills, io had to use SP scroll to manage it out. also like i already posted and never got an answer... prison of darkness quest is still bugged, cant get rewards on any char at Opera..
  2. hey i tried making the faction quest at lvl 91 for undecaying memory of the past but npc wont give me the reward, i have killed spezion got all quests but when i click on the "And... My Reward?" option on Opera npc doesnt do anything. thought maybe my quest was bugged cuz i took the quest yesterday before the update, but a friend took it today after the update and has the same problem, can you check it please?
  3. well i dont really think its the end of l2, i actually think some things are making the game more modern... l2 itself has too old mechanics compared to other mmorpgs around so tbh i think maybe not all the changes are good but some yea, the teleport thing for example i dont see why it would be a problem tbh, at least you can port lol, other mmorpgs most of em you dont and you have to walk everywhere rofl...