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  1. Those are packs! Maybe you gonna have to open em so they won't disappear.
  2. Hey guys, was just wondering which one of the two will work better on my PR. Thanks
  3. Listen dude! If you get an item and before you buy it says it doesn't stack with other runes and then you go open another rune then it is completely your mistake! Coming here trying to blame others for your mistakes!
  4. I don't need to get paid to state the obvious...! Open a business and tell me if you can keep your business going if you offer free services! Even nonprofit organisations are depending on other people supporting em with money to get em going!
  5. Everybody is crying but the game is free to play...! How a company can make money if there are no such events?? If you can't buy ncoins, its cool. Noone is asking you to do it but do not be jealous for the people that can afford more than you can! That's life guys....! There will always be someone that has more money than you and that is a fact! With that been said to keep the servers up and running and more important free for all you guys to play, a company has to have such events from time to time!
  6. WTB Eminence Bow Clean 10kk cod ShiningArrows. Thanks
  7. Very true, needs more to kill than the drops, that's why the adena sellers will keep selling adena. Drop rate and drop amount should never be changed, it was good the way it was before the update.
  8. Damn right Chief, that's what it is. I told exactly the same thing when people started complaining here about the looping macros!
  9. I get your sarcasm but you know if the problem was the other way around and was double adena drops it would be already solved!
  10. Didn't get his question to start with, thought he was asking about what happens to people who already did the quest.
  11. Read the patch notes...! People that did the lvl 25 quest before the new patch go live are given codes in their account here for compensation!
  12. What you mean experience in classic chronicles @Thug ?? From what I can remember there was a new patch coming every year, in the beginning it was 2 major patches a year, so you can't actually get experience on the chronicle... Are you talking about experience while playing on non retail servers then that's a different story?
  13. yeah, people think because you can put an assist macro on loop is like botting...! It is a bid difference between those two things..Also the character on the assist loop can stuck on any object anytime aswell. I never saw a bot train stuck....!
  14. @Juji is there gonna be any compensation?? I mean the game is totally unplayable when killing a mob requires more adena than the adena dropped ...
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