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  1. Status -Discord L2 servers

    The L2 discord server is not ran nor managed by NcSoft there for is not and will not be listed on their site, the link can be shared by other discord users privately. Yusuf check your mailbox for the discord link.
  2. Macro System

    Easier solution to not enough macro slots is make it so we can add macros to Marcos.
  3. Missing Npc

    The NPC Blue is missing from Giran. I have quests to start the quest "Request from the Red Libra Guild" and the NPC is missing from Giran. He is supposed to be behind the Jewlers in the square of Giran (according to the quest pin).
  4. Live and classic share the same login and server list. So live is Fafurion, and classic is Server of the empire. They are twodifferent server sets but since they share the same login and server select servers it shows Lives splash screen upon loading. Kinda hard to explain in ways unless you know about server banks and how they work
  5. Live had the Faurion update hence the splash screen. Classic is Secret of the empire.
  6. For anyone asking about Moonlight armour sets. Make a character on your account, one you dont care about. Run through the quests till you get to where you have to goto Gludio. The reward for the finiahing the lvl 19 quest is a moon light set. Dimensional merchant that set to desired character, once transfered delete the charactter you just made and Repeat till you have all 3 sets and then just store the sets in your warehouse after Dim Merching them.