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  1. Indeed ,the decision is not bad at all,more ppl will have dragon weapons, the existent weapons will drop their value . The problem is that we got this store update without claws which makes no sense , feels like u buy a car without wheels.
  2. So much qq for nothing. Already all items are in l2store for years and to every store update ppl came to forum to cry about l2 death. Is true that l2 lose ppl every day but that happens since years and for sure the game wont die bcuz of this store update. If im not wrong is not first time we have dragon weapons in store...At some point we got dragon weapon lvl 1(not fragment) in exchange of +10 shirts.
  3. U are wrong on that,fields raids are random since last update,except the ones from evening that have fix spawn. Random location is the only way to go so u cannot do my teleport to raid location.
  4. Queen ant - no limit since is not an instance - max lvl 42 to have no drop penalty Anakim - cc of 49 ppl between 90 to 94 lvl Lilith - cc of 49 ppl - 85 to 89 lvl
  5. We will get something like that ? Fixed an issue where the time for raid bosses, including world bosses such as dragons, that are randomly respawned was not being applied after the server maintenance. Now there will be a time frame of random respawn for all bosses. This was applied last maintenance on Europe l2 to give more chance to low clans to actually kill some epics. Seems dragons have a time frame of random spawn and rest of raids are not anymore fix 24h spawn after maintenance
  6. +1 to fast merge of all 3 servers
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