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  1. hi guys,Where can I get spellbook death whisper, npc and mob who knows the name?
  2. Can you tell a date when salute, adena and drop and spoil will be corrected?
  3. although I'm all annoyed anyway hello! I can understand that the changes you have made are a program in your absolute savings and the reasons for this! But as a player who has been playing this game for months, I have been very seriously disappointed!maybe you can not reply to this message, but maybe you can not reply, please take a minute and five minutes, please read the amount of adena already in the game was low, barely adena can get some amount of SS or BSS now you have reduced the amount of adena almost 1/10 has fallen! It turns out that you insist on taking us to Ncoin, that is to play the game with real money!also nothing falls from the creatures! Then why am I playing a spoiler or producer dwarf? This doesn't mean anything! Please transform the amount of adena to the old system and let all the materials in the old system fall from the creatures! Thanks