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  1. Funny how they perma banned a toon for exp in a zone that nobody could reach and after 1 day they just unbanned the toon ,they let a lot of players bypass stronghold and no ban,Shillen crystals lv 10 and we don't even know how many others Corruption at its best?
  2. Dead server indeed Congratz
  3. we deserve the same content game as every1 else @Juji open transfers/change cursed weapon time
  4. First of all they changed the rules during the game by adding the update like this,2 years ago we had no cursed fight Second:there is no option to go somewhere else
  5. why should EU players go NAIA?Or if they want to go just make permanent transfers between servers,people pay for full content of the game!it must be a solution for every problem. eu players have the same rights as na. when eu players pay for subscriptions they don't pay less bcoz are eu timezones.right?
  6. Being the Swords 1 sided that means 120*4=480 B only for Aleira's group and meat shield 20*4,I never thought they can win this amount of adena ,Team Turtle cheerleaders for the Road Runner that takes lion's share it's ridiculous :)))More then this, they use that weapon they craft already only to help themselves
  7. if people work is ok, This game is a hobby ,all attend when they can LOL
  8. You are trying to say that from all 60+ players from top clans only you and your alt can be Forest Gump?Turtle TEAM just get the share of 5b per day and you take 120b per week?and ofc 100 m for being active
  9. so is pretty funny that from all 60+ people from ''top clans'' only 2 pick up the swords on daily basis .All those 60+ people are from same ally that just beg for share 100m for being there doing nothing but this is another story The healthy server is when both sides can have access to play for swords too. Who is picking up the swords 4 times per week and take the bloods for themselves and give the leftovers to the 60+ppl wants to win by any means possible. From those who are so active during so called mass pvp who got the bloods?
  10. I don't think you gonna teach NCSOFT how to make business :)) EU REQUEST is fair
  11. As long as we pay subscriptions and we are many EU players,Juji can check IP's we want to play the game fully including Swords.We already miss the Swamp time during maintenance and they changed the start hour for that ,they can make a small change for cursed swords fight as well.Soon only 1 side of server will have Blood Swords,where is the fun in that? Regarding the only 2 people picking up every time @Juji you guys have to change algorithm because propve clan found out your secrets.I' m sure they can take all swords but they do not want to play more obvious then it is already
  12. Am I not paying for prestige and other stuff like the rest of us?Before, EU players had to face only siege very late sunday ,that was the only thing different from NA players.
  13. So if you failed 7 times in a row that means Fistingtime was very lucky to get his jewels st3/4.What a lucky guy!
  14. MAYBE is time to ask the players about time zones too, create a poll and and vote.Juji can check the IPs and DECIDE how is better for server.In this way in max 3 months EU ppl will quit.They cannot play the game with all content.
  15. Perfect ideea . I suggest 1h before siege time would be better for europeans. Regarding those 2 people who pick up the swords almost all the time for the last 8 months or so not 4 someone must take this matter serious and investigate.
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