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  1. Mixa,how many NCoins you spent in game? from over 2500 posts,how many actually helped the community and how many were just pure rage?I do not want to offend you but you need years of therapy in order to be normal,all that negativity reflects your sad?? life
  2. Ban waves due to exploits?

    since when the players should pay for developers lack of interest in fixing bugs>?
  3. well not to mention that developers just reduced the number of mobs in stronghold/pi but still they charged players same ncoins for passes?
  4. hm,who will support the servers when all we decide to not buy ncoins bcoz there is not transparent relation between customer and ncsoft? no communication between developers and ppl that play. just pointing out that players not supposed to use teleport at some key spots (all is blurry and left to debate) is not enough for those that qq here a lot,I just ask:How many ncoins u spent in the last year to support this game?N00dl3s (just 3 posts ),Mixa(forum qqer )how much u spent in the last years?
  5. Chronos Siege 27.05.2018

    nice siege , let ' s see tomorrow's siege
  6. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    Me in-GAME
  7. please upload it , wanna laugh
  8. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    aha, this is your only argument vs reason . i see ... cheers mate ,stop talking trash btw thanks .
  9. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    who are you btw? a fan , cheerleader?
  10. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    and here? why you run? i see Fooz and Divekio trying to kill iAthina and you run in town ?
  11. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    ma' "friend" , you tried to BSOE? you died? you lost PVP? stfup and accept it.
  12. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    i quote Oeste .
  13. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    But you failed BSOE here... check 1:59
  14. Molensa... are you paranoid !

    Posted 58 minutes ago (edited) Dude, don't spend your money in digital jewels for a video game, that money is best spent on english lessons so you can stop writing that you "will be more better" and I'm not saying this to troll you, I am trying to make you see that the improvement of your real life skills will always outweigh any other choice you may have for your digital life.