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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Idk you 2.5 $ x box innova eu 0.50 $ x box innova ru 0.12 $ x box Let me calculate NCWest + 2000% GL with your job.
  2. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    This is a good question. Aizen admits he's playing on an rmt account. DH were banned Aizen didn't got banned. Aizen admits he's sharing accounts. DH are banned Aizen isn't banned. Aizen admits he's using scripts. DH are banned Aizen isn't banned. Aizen admits he's using rmt gear. DH are banned Aizen isn't banned. The best clown in l2 history. What a record.
  3. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    I bet thewatcher can do an example better than mine so ppl can understand who Jinkarya or aizen really is but here you go. Lets say you are a robber you rob a bank then you go to the police saying that fooz robbed the bank you robbed. The police got fooz arrested instead of you and from ny you move to la to re-do the same thing there. To understand the example you=aizen, fooz=dh, police=ncwest, arrest=ban, ny= naia, la=chronos. Correct me if i am wrong but evey didn't mass petition ncwest to get zuzu or rodah banned and obtaining a ban. To babel which new account? Idk he has an untradable elemental shirt on. Last ele shirt promo may 2017. Did you mean another after the another?
  4. Chronos Siege - Winter is Coming?

    Best l2 analysis ever. It seems like ppl from MS are a little bit confused. Buying from a private shop like tevas from ms did with his radiant circlet of grace +5 is legal What znipo said it's illegal. After that a clown will ever be a clown, even if he uses script, rmt gear and buys accounts. Just a clown. It's amazing how a few toxic players manage to re-unite all the clans from all the servers around nova's flag. I mean cmon no one ever in the universe could have done that. Congratz Idk nova should begin to reject more ppl. If this is the result of rejecting just one clown ...
  5. Truffle is been Defeated

    Foozie why are you so mad about truffle? There was a 105 raidboss over there and truffle was doing pve
  6. 1st Stage 3 Weapon

    It's a real funny story Truffle. We hope someone from ncsost, not ncwest, will ask to miso and graf how much money, real $, you gave to them for those dragon weapons. Don't worry. You won't be banned because you are the only ones who are dumb enough to pay Neutron's and Conguero's wages. We also would like to know how much money you spent to have 750 billions adena on multiple characters multiple times per year. It will be funny to check if you bought nc coins or ... Everyone knows you spent in here the same amount of money everyone of us will spend to buy a gargantuan mansion. It's your business if you earn 10 million dollars per year. If you earn less your brain is beyond any hope of repair. I really don't know why everytime someone joins Morning Star begins to lie. Rodah should ring a bell. At least peppinio keeps his mouth shout. You should do the same. This is the last shelter for all the cheaters from all around the world. All the worst gamers from all around the world are in here because they have multiple bans in every other videogame. NCWest doesn't do anything simply because if you are banned what they get from all the other players on all the three servers won't be enough to keep the servers themselves running. This isn't p2w anymore. It's n2p you have to be nuts to play lineage 2 in here.