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  1. Client crash trigger

    I always get random crashes on HellBound. 3 Different computers. https://imgur.com/Mw5o3LG
  2. Exalted Quests

    For Glory: NPC Says to fight 10 times, quest is actually 80 times. Befitting of the Status: NPC says to gather 1 acessory item, quest actually asks for 5. For Honor: NPC says to fight 20 times, quest is actually 100 times. Confronting a giant monster: NPC says he has a easier quest, but still asks you to kill 3 epics + Ekimus and 3 CC armed.
  3. NCLauncher is deleting Client files!

    Unblieveable... New launcher just deleted everything from Lineage II folder. Why we would need to download the game again? All my screenshots were deleted from the past 7 years.... Did you just put a new system without even testing? Great

    Hi GM, @Hime @Juji I'm a Ertheia character, 95/85 and I had old Dynasty set. If I reawaken my dual class and pay 100KK do I also get the new R grade package with armor and weapon or thats exclusive for normal character's subclass? Thank you