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  1. The XP numbers you referenced are from a different region, our XP table is not 100% the same as EU before & after the 8/22 update. What's in the patch notes are what our EXP numbers are before and after the update. Thanks
  2. It's really as simple as the business model is constructed for each region differently because the each region is different. Prices are determined by our NA market because that's the market we're officially operating for.
  3. Hello, Each region has a different balance of business model and progression decided by the Development Team. As you noted other regions have other systems like Premium/Subscription, while our system is Free to Play with an item shop which changes the structure compared to those examples. If our system was similar to other regions, the the balance of the economy/exp system would be likely be more similar likewise. TL;DR it's different because all regions are different. Thanks
  4. Hello, We have this change as well with the skill mastery update, we'll update the patch notes later to include it. Thanks
  5. We perform maintenance for all of titles and account management system at the same time. Even if a specific game maintenance is only for 30-60 minutes it can be down for the entire maintenance window. As far as the HP thing goes, i'm not clear where the L2wiki is getting the HP data from, but if someone has played there and can get a screenshot of the monster collection card for the Jabberwok, I can make a better comparison than from a 3rd party website. I have a feeling that site is using the raw HP data but doesn't take into consideration bonuses from the monsters stat modifiers like an
  6. Hello, We're trying to look into the EXP issue, but the examples provided, we're getting the correct amount of EXP when we kill it personally ourselves. If you're seeing an issue, can you check that all of your buffs/effects bonuses are working, also keep in mind if someone outside of the party is hitting your monsters they will steal a portion of the EXP away. I'll have to reiterate there were no changes made to the client/server, all we did was reboot the services. The server and client version are exactly the same as they were before the maintenance. Thanks
  7. i'll take a look into that, we've had some updates to the blocking/reporting feature in the last few months but of course there was no mention to us it would change the the behavior like this. Thanks
  8. Hello, I noticed this reply was buried in another thread and I have moved it to our Bug Section on the forums. I understand any frustrating in trying to find a fix to this issue but this is such an abnormal issue that neither us or the Development Team can replicate the problem using any combination of characters or any live or test server with the current information. Additionally, when trouble shooting an issue the best to narrow down as many variables as possible to know what might cause the issue, such as is it the game client? is it the server? is the users PC/System? I'm n
  9. Hello everyone, Here’s a look into what's happening for the month of August. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Today we announced that the next major update for Lineage II is coming August 22! Salvation: Etina’s Fate will call seasoned adventurers to the ultimate battle against the Head of the Embryo, Etis van Etina, as well as provide additional new content and quality-of-life updates. Security Update The security update mentioned in our July Preview is scheduled to be activated later this month. In-Game Event We’d like to run another in-game event beginn
  10. Hello All, As I said before, this is not a PvP policy issue and there's no plans to create a set of rules contrary to the way the game works. Since I can't provide you all with specific chat logs, screenshots of what lead to this individual being suspended none of you can see the evidence and this forum isn't a place where we perform public tribunals for players. Also further discussion for this needs to occur privately with this individual, therefore i'm going to close this thread. On a final note, regarding your last response I did ask a 2nd time for Support Team to give
  11. 1. I understand frustration in wanting us to fix someone like this, but at the end of the day people have lives outside of work and we'd only call in people for severe catastrophic problems. 2. I brought up the point internally that we've never punished anyone for this type of thing before and can't be decided on by a GM alone (We'd need to find a different solution to this like opening up a PvE only server or something and not disrupt a core feature of the game). 3. Pretty much point #2, I have generally the same opinion of players in regards to most things in the game. If someone o
  12. Hello, We finally had a chance to look over this and I can say that we definitely did not change our stance on PvP and engaging others in PvP. The violation reason stated in the email was incorrect and very unfortunate as it implied that participating in PvP content would be considered a form a harassment. There was something the user did that triggered a severe suspension like this, it just wasn't explained to them properly. We'll discuss the matter further with this person privately through support and try to clarify the violation reason more clearly to them. Thank
  13. Hello, I've asked the team here to review this and be sure we're all on the same page. If there is a need to change to the rules there needs to be clear communication to everyone and transparency to players to give time to adjust. The L2 Game Support Lead was out of office today so I was unable to get an answer or verify if the concerns of this post are genuine. Thanks!
  14. Hello, When we get all the information for the next update ready we will review what kinds of items are deleted and impact it will have, among other things. Basically we need time to translate, plan and test the changes before we will confirm it. In general if we see something that's going to have a negative impact we will do what we can to address it in advance. Thanks
  15. Hello, With the upcoming Security update around the corner, we'd like to test commonly used programs you might run in the background while playing Lineage II Here is an example list: Steam / Steam Overlay Origin GOG Uplay Teamspeak Discord Ventrillo OBS – Open Broadcast Software Media Player Classic VLC Media Player Geforce Experience Spotify iTunes Google Chrome / Youtube / Netflix / Amazon Music / Amazon Video Fraps If you have a moment, please let us know by replying below what kinds o
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