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  1. 13 minutes ago, Klaudia said:

    Hello, Neutron just to inform before this update exp between 100-105 was 

    100 6 178 380 725 001 4 221 464 047 612
    27 1 749 413 194 509   64 208 840 245 22 252 543   101 16 946 124 602 908 10 767 743 877 907
    28 1 980 499 231 086   65 235 877 658 27 037 413   102 43 523 955 372 407 26 577 830 769 499
    29 2 260 321 279 822   66 268 833 561 32 955 903   103 84 422 086 452 639 40 898 131 080 232
    30 2 634 751 374 430   67 309 192 920 40 359 359   104 188 752 303 396 110 104 330 216 943 471
    31 2 844 287 209 536   68 358 998 712 49 805 792   105 358 035 537 321 346 169 283 233 925 236


    now after update 

    99   1,798,492,743,100  1,798,492,743,100 0.00%

    100    6,019,956,790,712   5,102,247,215,144 -15.24%

    101   16,946,124,602,908   10,388,254,370,414 -38.70%

    102   43,523,955,372,407   24,131,872,974,116 -44.55%

    103   84,422,086,452,639   43,161,498,733,088 -48.87%

    104   188,752,303,396,110   94,922,080,797,491 -49.71%

    that numbers in patch notes are not correct  ,  and now looks like exp it same if patch notes are correct 

    The XP numbers you referenced are from a different region, our XP table is not 100% the same as EU before & after the 8/22 update.

    What's in the patch notes are what our EXP numbers are before and after the update.


  2. 13 minutes ago, Draecke said:

    You're fully aware that it's much cheaper to leave NCWest and start over fresh on one of the other export Regions right ?

    as explained their l2store is much cheaper, they have the same items and require significantly less XP per level and have a Premium System on top which is compareable to our Prestigue Subscription system except that theirs add 100% XP boost

    seriously why does NCWest outprice themselves off the market ?


    It's really as simple as the business model is constructed for each region differently because the each region is different.

    Prices are determined by our NA market because that's the market we're officially operating for.


  3. Hello,

    Each region has a different balance of business model and progression decided by the Development Team.

    As you noted other regions have other systems like Premium/Subscription, while our system is Free to Play with an item shop which changes the structure compared to those examples.

    If our system was similar to other regions, the the balance of the economy/exp system would be likely be more similar likewise.

    TL;DR it's different because all regions are different.


  4. 9 hours ago, KissMyKnife said:

    Tell me if you guys not add the new secure program, why was have 3 hour long maintenance?
    What else you not know? like all mob on field get double more hp then korean version have? i expect that 1. 5 more day and we will see.

    We perform maintenance for all of titles and account management system at the same time. Even if a specific game maintenance is only for 30-60 minutes it can be down for the entire maintenance window.

    As far as the HP thing goes, i'm not clear where the L2wiki is getting the HP data from, but if someone has played there and can get a screenshot of the monster collection card for the Jabberwok, I can make a better comparison than from a 3rd party website. I have a feeling that site is using the raw HP data but doesn't take into consideration bonuses from the monsters stat modifiers like any passive skills and the monsters CON stat. These kinds of HP bonuses would only apply when you spawn a monster in-game.


  5. Hello,

    We're trying to look into the EXP issue, but the examples provided, we're getting the correct amount of EXP when we kill it personally ourselves.

    If you're seeing an issue, can you check that all of your buffs/effects bonuses are working, also keep in mind if someone outside of the party is hitting your monsters they will steal a portion of the EXP away.

    I'll have to reiterate there were no changes made to the client/server, all we did was reboot the services.

    The server and client version are exactly the same as they were before the maintenance.


  6. 2 hours ago, dUdot said:


    It is ban chat(how it looks now).

    Socket, try to pm to keno10, you will see in system chat that keno10's chat is blocked.


    The questin is... why? Many people have same problem time to time. Impossible to solve this probles w/o support team

    i'll take a look into that, we've had some updates to the blocking/reporting feature in the last few months but of course there was no mention to us it would change the the behavior like this.


  7. On 7/30/2018 at 1:01 PM, socketka said:

    Hello everyone, it's my first post (and with high probability also last) on this new forums. I will use this thread to tell my last story with amazing 3-rd party provided support.

    I couldn't use chat or PMs and they could not solve it, asking for proofs and more and more information. I linked them video and they started something about "correct account stuff, mail, etc.". Is support here for fixing problems or for insulting customers by not providing ANY support at all? Here is video for everyone, this is what NC WEST can make with your character - unable to play in MMORPG environment:



    About other case, I have to again ask for @Neutron help because current support lacking knowledge of the game mechanics. Could you please reply to the ticket no. 20542023 ? You are probably only one around in years when those items were inserted to server so you can decide the best.


    You won't run this game for a long time with this attitude.


    I noticed this reply was buried in another thread and I have moved it to our Bug Section on the forums.

    I understand any frustrating in trying to find a fix to this issue but this is such an abnormal issue that neither us or the Development Team can replicate the problem using any combination of characters or any live or test server with the current information. Additionally, when trouble shooting an issue the best to narrow down as many variables as possible to know what might cause the issue, such as is it the game client? is it the server? is the users PC/System?

    I'm not actually able to review tickets anymore (due to GDPR security changes) so it would be easier to just ask here than try and go back and forth with the GM team about a one-off bug like this.

    If you have a moment can you answer the following, these are just to get a baseline of information:

    1.) When did the issue first happen? Were there any unusual things you can think of that happened near that time?

    2.) Do you see the issue on all characters on this account? Does it happen on other accounts also?

    3.) If you have more than one PC, does the issue still occur on a different PC?

    4.) Does the problem happen all the time or only sometimes? (We can see chat logs everyday showing up from the character in the correct chat channels).

    5.) Have you tried to reinstall the game and testing it with the default settings?

    6.) Which OS and build version do you play on?


  8. Hello everyone,

    Here’s a look into what's happening for the month of August.

    Salvation: Etina’s Fate

    • Today we announced that the next major update for Lineage II is coming August 22!
    • Salvation: Etina’s Fate will call seasoned adventurers to the ultimate battle against the Head of the Embryo, Etis van Etina, as well as provide additional new content and quality-of-life updates.

    Security Update

    •  The security update mentioned in our July Preview is scheduled to be activated later this month.

    In-Game Event

    • We’d like to run another in-game event beginning in late August and are working with the development team to determine what event it’ll be.
    • Stay tuned!

    Player Appreciation Pack

    • To coincide with the launch of Etina’s Fate we’re going to be releasing a free appreciation pack of useful items for all players to claim.

    Thank You!

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  9. Hello All,

    As I said before, this is not a PvP policy issue and there's no plans to create a set of rules contrary to the way the game works.

    Since I can't provide you all with specific chat logs, screenshots of what lead to this individual being suspended none of you can see the evidence and this forum isn't a place where we perform public tribunals for players.

    Also further discussion for this needs to occur privately with this individual, therefore i'm going to close this thread.

    On a final note, regarding your last response I did ask a 2nd time for Support Team to give you a non-canned reply and I do expect them to do this in order to properly resolve the issue.


  10. 5 hours ago, BornInHell said:

    First of all, Neutron, "Support Lead was out of the office today", it's 2018 there are cell phones and other means of communication to get in touch with employees. 

    Secondly, Neutron, if you have ever played Lineage 2, you should know that pulling monster on enemy members and/or interrupting their exp is a key mechanic of Lineage 2, if you or your Staff have no idea about any of those points, I suggest a 48 hour review window before you or any other member decides to go on a limb and blatantly ban/suspend a person.

    Third point, "I've asked the team here to review this and be sure we're all on the same page." Do you mind sharing with the community what "the same page" is and why are you reviewing it 5 days after the incident occurred? Is a player in question going to be compensated for the mistake of NCWest staff or is it going to be as a comedian Joey Diaz says, quote "It's either blue cheese with wings or go bleep your mother" i hope i don't need to reiterate in Lineage 2 terms?

    Forth point, i have been recently reported and given a warning with few other members for "profanity and being mean to other players", upon my conversation with YOUR STAFF i have been told that upon review NCWest staff only looked into screenshot or reported sentence, rather than the whole conversation. As a result, they took out of context sentence and reviewed it solely on its merit. Ok, upon communication they have discovered an error in judgment, but can you at least state the rules clearly or review conversations of all parties involved in the report rather solely focusing on judging what is reported?

    Finally, Hime, you are a Sr. Community Manager; instead of liking Neutron posts that answers no question on a topic, start reviewing problems and give clear answers to them, you last "communication" is dated January, you are clearly communicating with a Community. We are still waiting on a long-promised Juji's Lab return, could've done at least 1-2 tests in 7 month of fooling around. 

    1. I understand frustration in wanting us to fix someone like this, but at the end of the day people have lives outside of work and we'd only call in people for severe catastrophic problems.

    2. I brought up the point internally that we've never punished anyone for this type of thing before and can't be decided on by a GM alone (We'd need to find a different solution to this like opening up a PvE only server or something and not disrupt a core feature of the game).

    3. Pretty much point #2, I have generally the same opinion of players in regards to most things in the game. If someone on the team does something out of the spirit of the game we're not on the same page and it's spinning up an internal discussion, that's what this incident triggered.

    4. i really don't know the history of your specific reports, but as I was a GM for a long time, I know that context should be considered for reports and both parties should be reviewed. We're pretty hands off in general to 'Toxicity' compared to other game, but in general keeping trash talk to within the game context is the safest approach, once people start throwing out things about someones race, country, personal details is when the GM team will try to intervene.

    5. The lab isn't something we have much time to run at this time, when Juji was doing this there were two producers (Juji and Cryo) to share work and explore other fun projects while currently it is only myself doing everything they did on top of being pretty heavily involved in QA testing of the updates still.


  11. Hello,

    We finally had a chance to look over this and I can say that we definitely did not change our stance on PvP and engaging others in PvP. 

    The violation reason stated in the email was incorrect and very unfortunate as it implied that participating in PvP content would be considered a form a harassment.

    There was something the user did that triggered a severe suspension like this, it just wasn't explained to them properly.

    We'll discuss the matter further with this person privately through support and try to clarify the violation reason more clearly to them.

    Thank You

  12. Hello,

    I've asked the team here to review this and be sure we're all on the same page.

    If there is a need to change to the rules there needs to be clear communication to everyone and transparency to players to give time to adjust.

    The L2 Game Support Lead was out of office today so I was unable to get an answer or verify if the concerns of this post are genuine. 


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  13. Hello,

    When we get all the information for the next update ready we will review what kinds of items are deleted and impact it will have, among other things.

    Basically we need time to translate, plan and test the changes before we will confirm it. 

    In general if we see something that's going to have a negative impact we will do what we can to address it in advance.


  14. Hello,

    With the upcoming Security update around the corner, we'd like to test commonly used programs you might run in the background while playing Lineage II

    Here is an example list:

    • Steam / Steam Overlay
    • Origin
    • GOG
    • Uplay
    • Teamspeak
    • Discord
    • Ventrillo
    • OBS – Open Broadcast Software
    • Media Player Classic
    • VLC Media Player
    • Geforce Experience
    • Spotify
    • iTunes
    • Google Chrome / Youtube / Netflix / Amazon Music / Amazon Video
    • Fraps

    If you have a moment, please let us know by replying below what kinds of programs you think are necessary to work to not interfere with your Lineage II game experience.

    Thank You!

  15. Hello Adventurers!

    Below you’ll find a few noteworthy items and updates coming in the month of July.

    Security Update

    • In our ongoing efforts to combat unauthorized 3rd-party tools, we’ve invested into a completely new security solution.
    • When the security update is live, GameGuard will no longer be required to connect to the servers.
    • A new tool will take the place of GameGuard and be required to install and run to continue playing Lineage II.
    • There will be an unspecified break-in period with the new tools—we’ll be monitoring and troubleshooting issues it may cause, such as disconnections or update errors and compatibility with certain applications.
    • The decision to make this change came with the goal of having greater control over our security tools, and allowing us to react much quicker to existing and emerging cheat tools.

    Ancient Cloaks Return in July

    •  After a lot of feedback about the difficulty in upgrading the cloaks, a revision to the Ancient Cloak System will be introduced.

    Server Transfers

    The Lineage II Team

  16. 3 hours ago, Draecke said:

    Fyi here is the upcoming new XP table which we will get in the next update:



    XP Numbers will be different in each territory~

    In general the XP curve should is easier up to level 109-110, but from what i can tell the new 'soft-cap' will probably be around those levels until a future update would introduce 110+ content to the game.

    To that side though, the time between the soft-cap being addressed should be much different this time, while many people were eagerly awaiting for a way to advanced past 105 since early 2017 (1.5+ years), the 2019 update we will receive should have 110+ content so progression won't be blocked so much and hopefully those on the upper end of levels won't need to wait as long to continue with progression once having exhausted progression in the upcoming update.


  17. Hello all,

    Here’s a quick peek ahead at some of the things in store for Lineage II toward the latter half of June.

    Red Libra Returns

    Red Libra, Red Libra, Red Libra! The beloved Red Libra event will return later this month and run for four weeks.

    XP Boost Event for High-Level Players

    A New XP Boost event for higher-level players from level 99~105+ is planned to help players prepare for the next update, Salvation - Final Chapter. The XP/SP boost event will focus on several different level ranges for 99+ rather than blanket boost to all levels.

    Freya’s Summer Shopping Bag

    Stay cool this summer with an all-new Freya’s Shopping bag promotion with even hotter rewards!

    Server Merge for Freya to Naia (June 27)

    The Freya server is currently planned to be consolidated into the Naia server on Wednesday, June 27. Server transfer applications will be closed June 18th. More details will be released next week on how the transition will be handled.

    Many of you have been asking for the server merge and the Red Libra event. Now the time is nearly upon us!

    The Lineage II Team

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  18. 29 minutes ago, Degus said:

    I've been fighting with the ncsoft crew about the dimentional bracelet compound rate for some time now, not only is it almost impossible now got compound but the imps almost never appear, even paying the 120 mill for 1200 crystals.  Long story short, after about 75 stone in the last 2 week, not 1 +3 b bracelet, almost ALL  failing going +1.  This being said, I was told in an email, this is the same compound rate as all compounding and it has been tested and confirmed to work as intended.   So take heed with this upcoming event, not only do they not give you the 3 gauranteed red cats eyes anymore, but good luck making even a level 3, never mind 4 or 5.  Peace, probably banned now.


    I just found your ticket for visibility this is all of what you were informed of as far as explanation on compounding in the various replies.

    1. We tested compounding multiple times and there's nothing wrong with the said functionality. 
    2. Compounding is designed to be rare by nature and it will stay the same to match the current status of the game.
    3. Compounding an item is based on random mechanics. Given the possible chances that it may provide, it is uncertain what results every attempt will show.

    I think you might have a misunderstanding of point number two, this does not mean compounding is the same rate applied to every item. This statement means the rate of compounding is not going to be changed in the current game design. 

    ~Thank You

  19. Hello

    We hope you all have enjoyed the Spring Harvest and 14th Anniversary bonus server settings so far. Here’s a quick look at some additional plans we have in store for Lineage II this month.

    Brooch Promotion (May 16–June 20)

    Brooches and jewels are returning for sale on the L2 Store beginning next Wednesday.

    14th Anniversary Media Contest (May 25 Deadline)

    Don’t forget to submit your best screenshot, artwork, and video for a shot at some amazing prizes!


    • Grand Prize: +10 Dark Armor Eternal Set & +12 Dark Amaranthine Weapon of Choice
    • Runner-up Prize: Dark Amaranthine Stone (1) & Dark Eternal Enhancement Stones (20)


    • Grand Prize: Evolved Stage 1 Zodiac Agathion of Choice
    • Runner-up Prize: High-Grade Zodiac Agathion Box


    • Grand Prize: +8 Bloody Eternal Armor Set
    • Runner-up Prize: Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stones (20)

    Check out the 14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest announcement for full submission details, creative requirements, and rules.

    Hero Coin Reward List Update (May 16)

    Several items are being retired from Hero Coin rewards, including:

    • Dark Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
    • Sealed Talisman - Longing
    • Bloody Amaranthine Enhancement Stone
    • Soul Bottle Pack (Antharas/Valakas)
    • Heavenly Scroll: Enchant Armor (R-grade)
    • Mystic Soul Crystal
    • Dark Eternal Enhancement Stone
    • Specter Weapon Pack
    • Hero's Treasure Chest (Underground)
    • Seraph Armor Pack
    • Mystic Armor Piece
    • Bloody Eternal Enhancement Stone
    • Apocalypse Weapon Pack
    • Elegia Armor Pack
    • Disassembly Recipe Pouch: Weapon
    • Bow of Light
    • Twilight Armor Pack
    • Disassembly Recipe Pouch: Armor
    • Weapon Attribute Change Crystal (R-Grade)
    • Scroll: Enchant Hair Accessory
    • Hunter's Amulet

    More details for the updates are still to come. Stay tuned!


    The Lineage II Team

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  20. On 4/21/2018 at 5:19 AM, OneWingedAngle said:


    Look here is a passive skills on rest teritories(we had, the same in our patch notes)

    Grand Thorn of Vengeance -Increases P. Atk. by 3%/6%/8%/10% and Reflect Damage/Reflect Magic by 5%/9%/12%/15%. Activates the Avenging Will with a chance of 30% on you when you attack and activates the Spirit of Revenge on your party members with a certain chance when you are hit.

    Spirit of Revenge (trigger) - Removes debuffs and increases for 5 sec P. Atk./M. Atk. by 2%/3%4%/6% and Damage Reflection by 5%.

    and here this skill works only on tank,(party members do not received this tigger/buff)

    It doesnt have any sense, because rest tank's tiggers works properly and tigger apply on party members

    • Phoenix Spirit
    • Eva’s Presence
    • Shilen’s Presence

    through 3 months i was getting info, that Support team works on it and on my last ticket i got info, that this skill works as intended, and Passive skills was bad translated, and this tigger should work only on tank. For me it sound, stop asking we do not know how to fix.




    We go by the in-game descriptions, as far as when we check bugs and functionality since that's the 'real' information from the game. The way patch notes are created is mostly done by hand so there is a lot more room for human error. In-game text is looked over more carefully and is what gets amended and corrected during the localization process.

    Going by the in-game text and original KR data there is no reference to any party benefits to the skill.


  21. 2 hours ago, OneWingedAngle said:


    I have a hope, that I(We) will get reply from You Neutron ( but chances are very low)

    1st Why only our version have "boost" for Siegel Hell Knight and Spirit of Revange works only on Tank? ( i made few tickets abou that and i was got standard info, that they are work on it, and on last my ticket(after 3months! just LOL) i got info, that this skill works as intended

    2nd Why i got reply from Support, that selfbuff Hand of Einhasad works as intended, when it does not ? (I mean: Blessed Spirits shouts are consuming(but dmg is not increased; the same values with or without it) only when ISS are hitting only NPC( on players, and monsters blessed spirits shots are not consuming)

    Guys, Ladies,People help me and force NC Staff to reply at my calls

    TY for help !


    1. Could you explain this in more detail, i'm not really sure what the issue is being described. I will ask QA to review it if you can provide steps on where the fault is occurring and how to replicate the problem.

    2. I looked at the skill and it seems to be a bug to me, I have asked QA to submit it to Dev for review. What's difficult to say is which part is considered a bug in the skill, it's unclear if any damage boost is intended from Spiritshots, so a fix could be that spirit shots are not consumed anymore rather than adding the damage boost effect.

  22. 14th Anniversary Preview

    As mentioned in our 2018 Roadmap, we’re kicking off the anniversary celebration next week with a number of different festivities. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.

    Squash Event (April 25–May 16)

    • Destroy squash with Chrono weapons for amazing rewards
    • New Kat the Cat Appearance Stone (event reward only)
    • New 1-hr 100% XP Rune reward from Squash event (item will be deleted on May 30)

    The 14th Anniversary Event from HQ is on a different game version, therefore we’re discussing plans with the development team to release it in the West later in the year.

    14th Anniversary Server Settings (April 25–May 16)

    • 300% Vitality Bonus
    • No XP Loss Upon Death
    • 200% Item Drop Rate on Sat/Sun Schedule Below:
      • 2018-04-28 00:00:00 ~ 2018-04-29 23:59:59
      • 2018-05-05 00:00:00 ~ 2018-05-06 23:59:59
      • 2018-05-12 00:00:00 ~ 2018-05-13 23:59:59
      • 2018-05-19 00:00:00 ~ 2018-05-20 23:59:59

    Store Update

    • Prices permanently slashed to 1 NCoin on several existing items
    • Veteran rewards will return with new 13th and 14th anniversary items
    • Special discount on Vitality items

    Notice for Next Month: Hero Coin rewards will be updated in mid/late May along with a few purchase limit restrictions

    14th Anniversary Mega Media Contest (Video, Artwork, Screenshot)

    Stay tuned for more details next week!

    Celebrate Lineage II’s 14th anniversary with GM Buffs from Fantasy Isle on April 27


    The Lineage II Team

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