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    Roadmap 2018

    At this stage we have only the same information that anyone can see from translating the KR patch notes. As we all know content is changed between the versions but what is changed we will not know until very close to the release date. ~Thanks
  2. Hello Everyone, The Development Team has quickly responded to our request to adjust auto-target behavior and the restrictions will also be included in the Next Target settings. Provided these new changes pass the test server, we will apply the following update next week 3/21. Next Target Setting /targetnext Auto-Target behavior when attacked by hostile Target to Taunt All hostile target All hostile targets Monster
  3. Hello, We do understand there are a lot negative aspect to the status quo, but we need a set of rules to deal with the current game mechanics and not rules that forbid users from using using the tools available in the game (except in cases of actual exploits and bugs). We've never interfered with drops from PK characters before, and changing that for this one case is a bad idea as people will continue to ignore our warnings not to AFK-Hunt, lose items and ask for restorations. Making disposables character to abuse it would be quite easy, so even banning offenders would be no deterren
  4. Hello, We've updated the login message again with further clarification, this was done yesterday after maintenance. This update strictly applies to the /targetnext command ONLY. What I think many have forgotten is that the game has an automatic target acquisition method when a hostile target hits your character If you have no current target it is not a bug The macro system is not 'smart' so it has no idea what your intentions are to a target, you're simply telling the game try to cast a skill if there is any target, it is a very simple system that has no way to tell fr
  5. Hello Everyone, Servers are now up. Thank You
  6. Hello Everyone, Just an update, recently a Next Target update was added in Korea, we've requested this feature to be added early to the NCW Global Version and it should be coming out on 3/7 provided we find no major issues with it when testing. To summarize, it will change Next Target to have 4-options which can be changed from your Game Options. Default (Same as existing Next Target) Monsters (Only targets hostile creatures within Next Target Range) PCs (Only target hostile players (Red/Purple/Clan War/Battlefield) NPCS (Only target Friendly NPCs) This
  7. It's not a bad idea, but the siege times can't be modified without a new game update to the servers. We try to avoid any changes to the game for most of December, so our Devops can have a break from work during this time of year. ~Thanks!
  8. Hello! Not to leave you all hanging for the rest the night so here's the deal: We're not actually referring to the new RB shield system with this post and using pets to help do additional hits, it's actually very different thing where the pets are being used in an abnormal way. We're trying to be vague on this to not promote how the actual issue were concerned about is working. We might look into the Pets+shield thing separately as far adjusting it through an update later, but it's definitely not what we were concerned about right now. ~Thanks
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