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  1. [Must know] How to play Wynn summoner

    Summoner are the cheapest one. Have you seen my items? And still can kill mobs pretty fast
  2. [Must know] How to play Wynn summoner

    MMMMMMMERCHANDIZE! Every Wynn has built-in transformation since level 95. But it’s 10 minutes only. If you want more you gotta find them at the market. lucky naia because I am still here and have some sealbooks 😉
  3. Hello. I've record a small video about playing a wynn summoner. It is very short but includes one of the most important thing for wynns. Enjoy:
  4. ks means Kill Steal. So now, read your message again. And help me to recognize your speech.
  5. against ANY damage. You probably don't even know how skills works. Please leave forum once and forever
  6. Best solution! Remove wynn class! And titan! And Eviscerator (wth it's IMMORTAL DURING STEEL MIND!!!) Then remove sayha's seer (CHEATER HIDE!) Then Feoh (those mana shield is insane!) Then duelist (face to face makes him immortal!) Let's remove all classes and races. Let's play Human Fighters
  7. They won't spoke about nothing. Don't you know NCwest team?
  8. Have I said at least single word about wynns and their pets? You probably mess me with @mixa What makes you even smarter
  9. I did But right now I am retired
  10. FistFury appeared couple months ago but it is the same person as was before. ANYWAY y'all don't have enough brains to farm RBs I seen lotta RBs been alive within few hours and nobody hadn't even try to kill them. Btw random respawn is a nice thing, some RBs (like gludio, elven, orc village, wastelands) still spawns at the same time as before update
  11. ain't you a dh that recently invited to farming party just b'cos they need more wynns? You really scream like "DON'T TOUCH MY BREAD!11111" Really, you sound like "I JUST STARTED TO FARM RBs! I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT KIND OF EXPLOIT IT IS BUT STOP CRYING" Who the hell are crying here? Only you
  12. 1500 atk spd (cap) = 1.5 hits per second. So if wynn and his servitors hits 1.5k atk spd - they made 4.5 hits per second (3 x 1.5). Also I would like to know does Marks works as hit? If landed mark (=damage) count as a hit, so wynn can deal 4 additional hits per second within 10 seconds. So 1 wynn = 8.5 hits per second
  13. What "this" exploit? How can we know which party we shouldn't join when we don't even know how to detect a "suspicious" party?
  14. RBs

    lol, even korean server has the same issues. lmao. nc super fail
  15. RBs

    seems Chrysty don't get a point. It was a bug report. I dont cry, I don't even play this game anymore. Just logged to check the new things about RBs and found lotta fails